NO EXCUSES Do-Anywhere Workout Roundup

No Excuses! Workouts you can do anywhere

Here’s a fresh batch of workouts from the FitFluential Ambassadors. This week’s theme is NO EXCUSES! Wherever you are, whatever is going on, squeeze out a little time this week to do something good for your body. You won’t regret it. The holiday season is here, and our to-do lists can be overwhelming. Make sure […]

Get Fit with HIIT: 6 Workouts plus a HIIT It Hard Playlist


Sponsored by Jabra. Enter to win Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones below! Photo credit Brad Gouthro Fitness Looking to burn as much fat as possible or improve endurance while preserving muscle? Time to incorporate some High Intensity Interval Training into your routine. HIIT refers to a workout where you perform an exercise interval at maximum effort, […]

Mom, Biz Owner & Athlete: A Glimpse into My Chaotic Blessed Life


I am a couple days out from the Phoenix Europa which I will be competing in as an IFBB Pro Fitness competitor. Show week is always crazy but so is every day of my life. Just like many of you, I wear several hats with the the multiple jobs and responsibilities I have in addition to the […]

Turn up the Heat Cardio & Core Workout

Turn up the Heat Cardio & Core Workout

sponsored by Advanced Molecular Labs Ready to turn up the heat on your core? This HIIT workout from Steve Pfiester elevates your core training with five different core moves followed by lateral raises (so pull out those bands or other form of resistance like some dumbbells). HIIT workouts “turn up the heat” like the thermogenic Thermo […]

10 Workouts for Sculpted Arms and Shoulders + a Power Playlist

10 workouts for sculpted arms & shoulders

Hey guys! It’s time to sweat again. Last week we focused on the lower body and booty. Now we’re shifting our attention to the muscle groups of the upper body, targeting the arms and shoulders. Before you get started on these workouts, make sure you take a moment to read our safety statement and check with your […]

World Series Workout


Baseball fans, rejoice: it’s World Series time! Instead of sitting on your couch each night, try this bodyweight workout that mixes high and low intensity exercises with different situations throughout the game. The movements are described below. Modifications are also included if you prefer a little less impact or more of a challenge! Burpees Starting […]


12 TABATA Workouts slider (1)”>20

If you’re not already in love with the efficient cardio training methods known as TABATA and HIIT, you’ve probably at least heard about them. In short (no pun intended) they are workouts that are brief compared to spending an hour or more doing steady state cardio exercises. Steady-state being training sessions where your heart rate […]

Ready to Sweat? 10 Strength and Cardio Workouts plus a Get-Down Playlist

Slider Workout no text

  Combining fat-burning cardio exercises with muscle strengthening moves is an ideal way to achieve your fitness goals. This post features workouts in both categories. The benefits of these types of training go way beyond appearance. In addition to helping you  achieve or maintain a healthy weight, strength training also keeps your mind alert and strengthens your […]

Fitness Roundup- 12 Sweat Session Workouts Plus a Cardio Warmup


This week’s fitness roundup has a dozen different workouts to help you get your fitness on. Grab a towel and some tunes— it’s time to sweat! Regular physical activity that makes you break a sweat is good for your body and mind in so many ways. Did you realize that sweat sessions can actually help […]

Talk Like a Pirate Day! (Sweat Like One Too with This Workout)


On International Talk Like a Pirate Day, why would you ever want to workout like you do every other single day of the year? Whether it’s CrossFit, strength training on machines, or with free weights, doing an endurance workout, or something at home, we all know that you’re going to do the same workout as always. […]

Fitness Roundup: 12 Strength and Circuit Workouts


  Photo credit:   This week’s fitness roundup features a dozen FitFluential Ambassador posts consisting of strength and circuit workouts. Before you get started getting your sweat on this week— take a moment to read our statement here to make sure these moves are right for you. Circuit workouts will consist of a variety of different moves […]

Workout Roundup: Abs and Core

Abs and core workout roundup

    Photo credit: and Everybody wants those rock hard abs! This week’s fitness roundup features workouts that target the muscles of your core, including the abs. In addition to looking great, a strong core contributes to your back health, and good posture. Remember— abs are also made in the kitchen— so be sure […]

Amp Up Your Workout With Kettlebells


    Are you new to exercise, or are you working out consistently but starting to become bored? Or maybe you are hitting a plateau and looking for a new way to increase your intensity for better results. Either way, you need to change something. We all want a quick fix, but with working out, […]

Upper Body Blast Workout Roundup

Upper Body workout roundup

  This week I’ve rounded up a series of workouts to target the upper body. Time to strengthen those shoulders, biceps and triceps— along with the muscles in your chest and back.  No one better than our FitFluential Ambassadors to put together training sessions that will challenge you and keep you on your toes! As always, […]

Poll: Where Do You Work Out?


      Do you need to feel the wind on your face? Or do you prefer the quiet morning hours right in your own home? We’re curious to know where our FitFluential peeps prefer to work out— let us know where we can most often find you getting your sweat on!   online poll by […]