Fitness Roundup: Kettlebells for Dummies

kettlebell roundup

  PHOTO CREDIT Monica Nelson Fitness   Have you invested in a kettlebell yet for your home workouts? Or maybe you’ve seen them at the gym and thought about giving them a try? If you’re a seasoned swinger or a total newbie, this post on kettlebells is for you! Exercises performed with kettlebells are considered functional movements because they mimic the [...]

27 At Home Workouts to Try

27 at home workouts

  Collage photo credits:,,,   Working out at home is every bit as effective as going to the gym. With little to no equipment, you can work on strengthening all your major muscle groups and improving your cardiovascular health. The only limit is your imagination, so we’ve rounded up some home workout inspiration for [...]

The Ultimate Strength Workout Round-Up

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  Want to tone, tighten, and build muscle? Then, it’s time to amp up your strength workouts! We’ve rounded up 28 awesome strength training workouts from the FitFluential Ambassadors. In this round-up you will find workouts for all body parts and levels. Have a good sweat and most importantly, have fun while doing it! Photo [...]

15 HIIT and Tabata Workouts

HIIT Collage Blog Roundup

  PHOTO CREDIT: and   No more looooooooong cardio sessions! The focus of HIIT and TABATA style workouts is short, sweet and intense training sessions. It’s all about a period of work – at an intense level – followed by a period of rest. Research has shown these types of workouts to be [...]

5 Workout Videos to Target Your Entire Body

video workouts

  No gym? No problem. Here’s a roundup of workouts you can do at home, with little to no equipment. Some of your favorite FitFluential Ambassadors will walk you through the moves in these video workouts to target your entire body. For this roundup, we’ve chosen five separate video workouts targeting your core, upper and [...]

12 (Sweaty) Burpee Workouts

burpee workouts

    You’re getting close to the half-way point of the 1,000 #FFBURPEE Challenge sponsored by Under Armour Women! If you’re just seeing this hashtag for the first time, we’ve challenged YOU to complete 1,000 burpees by February 28th for a chance to win head to toe Under Armour Gear. It’s easy to enter: all you [...]

A Week of Workouts: Labor Day Weekend Edition


    How are you spending your Labor Day? Take along this series of workouts to take you through the rest of this week and all the way through the holiday!   Ideas to make this workout more challenging plus video footage at the Mizuno-sponsored post on Stuft Mama.   Just because this Laura London [...]

Gonna Make You Sweat! A Week of Workouts

Week of workouts

  No excuses! A week’s worth of workouts to help you feel the burn.   Get more workouts like this one at Bess Be Fit.   Need move descriptions? They’re at Best Body Fitness.   Arm workout from Lauren Hefez. Find all the latest #MOVE videos on the FitFluential YouTube channel.   Workouts & recipes galore [...]

A Week of Workouts

Week of workouts

    In a workout slump? Try some of these ideas from our Ambassadors for a bit of midsummer motivation!   National Dance Day 2013 (July 27th) may be over, but don’t let that stop you from getting your dance on. Watch the video and bring a smile to your Monday!   (Want to know [...]

Recipe and Workout Roundup: #FitFluential on the 4th of July


    Mid-week Independence Day! Time to break out the red, white and blue for friends, fireworks, food… and fitness too. We’ve rounded up some Ambassador recipes and workouts for a FitFluential Fourth of July. Enjoy!   EATS: Lots of easy 4th of July recipes (and decorating ideas too): Losing It and Loving It Watermelon [...]

More than a MAN OF STEEL™: Soldier of Steel Transformational Workout Plan

Twitter Takeover

  This post brought to you through our partnership with the National Guard.   Transformation doesn’t just happen in the movies. Just as Clark Kent transforms into the MAN OF STEEL™ (now playing in theaters) when needed, National Guard Citizen-Soldiers transform when their communities call. Physical fitness is an essential trait for every Soldier, and [...]

A Week of Workouts


  Happy June! Celebrate the new month with some new workouts from our Ambassadors.   a little spin from Coffee Cake and Cardio to start the week off right   Details on this bodyweight workout at Love Life Surf.   Get your run on and then try these yoga poses from Happy Fit Mama.   [...]

Another Week of Portable Workouts!


   For those lucky enough to take a few extra days off, or who just want to get their sweat on outside!    This Badass Traveler workout can be done in a hotel gym… or just about anywhere.   This no-equipment leg workout was inspired by the beaches of Cancun. See more at Fit2Flex!   [...]

A Week of Workouts (for on the go)


    Traveling this week? Don’t want to spend a moment of your holiday weekend indoors? Here are workout ideas courtesy of our FitFluential Ambassadors that will help you think (and move!) outside the gym.   Each exercise is done for 60 seconds in this highly transportable workout from Happy Fit Mama.   Play it [...]

A Week of Workouts: May 13th


      It’s a new week! Keep it interesting with some of these Ambassador workouts.  Take it outside if you can!     Write-up of the Hot Bottom Butt Workout at PFIT blog. (Subscribe to the FitFluential YouTube channel for the latest #MOVE videos!)   More home circuit workouts over at Peanut Butter Fingers [...]

A Week of Workouts


    Mix it up this May! This week give these five workouts from FitFluential Ambassadors a try:   More where that came from + lots of plank workouts at Purely Twins   Details and tons of tabata on Fit in Heels   No rowing machine? Check out the “faux-row” at The Fit Fork   [...]

5 tips to up the intensity of your strength workouts

  Lifting weights is the best way to sculpt a strong, lean physique. Want to see results more quickly? Follow these 5 tips to up the intensity of your strength workouts.     Ditch the isolation exercises. Compound, multi-joint movements burn more calories than single-joint exercises. Trade those bicep curls for a lunge and curl [...]

Five Travel-Friendly CrossFit-Inspired Workouts


  On a recent work trip, I was lucky enough to have this as part of my running route. I did a 30 minute run with 20 squats every five minutes. Ouch!     Whether it’s a vacation or a work trip, we all know it can be tough to stick with our workout programs [...]