Beginner Strength Workout

slider beginners workout

It takes a lot of courage to start something new. I love nothing more as a trainer than to see individuals surprise themselves by lifting more than they thought or becoming fitter than they anticipated. Hopefully, this beginner’s strength routine takes the intimidation out of starting. Beginner Strength Workout Do each movement for 2-3 sets […]

Work Out at Home: No Weights Needed


It can be frustrating when life gets busy and interrupts your gym schedule BUT getting fit and healthy is all about avoiding excuses. So if you can’t make it to the gym, here is a home workout you can do that is sure to challenge you. No weights are needed; these are all body weight exercises […]

Best of 2014: Our Top 10 Fitness Pins of the Year

Top fitness pins of the year

It’s been an awesome year! We’ve checked out Barre, Circuit, HIIT, Strength and TABATA workouts. We’ve torched calories with cardio and built muscles with strength training. Now we’re taking a look back on the year that was, and sharing the top posts of 2014. Based on pageviews and pins— these are the posts YOU liked the […]

Shoveling Safety Tips And How To Use It As A Workout


I hate the cold (and I live in the arctic)! I didn’t mind it at all when I was a kid because I loved playing in the snow, having snowball fights, building forts and giant snowmen, and of course the cold meant HOCKEY!!! Now that I’m over 30, I think I hate winter. With the […]

3 Stability Ball Workouts (featuring Natalie Jill)


Have you bought a stability ball yet? This week I’m sharing three killer workouts with you from FitFluential Ambassador Natalie Jill, using a stability ball. Check out these moves for your entire body for some challenging routines. There are pinnable images outlining the workouts, and the full posts with more detail can be found by […]

5 Full Body Workouts and a 90s Playlist (Giveaway)


Sponsored by SMS Audio. Enter our BioSport giveaway below! It’s Friday! Shake off the stress of the week and get the weekend started right with one of these full body workouts. They’ll work your upper body, lower body and core exercises in one calorie-blasting routine to help you burn fat, improve endurance and build muscle. […]

Holiday Hustle: 10 Workouts + Top Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

Holiday Hustle - 10 workouts plus fit tips

How’s your holiday season going so far? I’m trying to slow down and enjoy the season, savoring all the sights, sounds and flavors of the holidays. It’s tough to find balance, with such a long to-do list and so many places to be in such a short window of time. With all the high calorie […]

Daily Fitness Challenges: A Different Workout for Each Day

Daily Fitness challenges

This week, mix things up! Challenge yourself by trying something new each day. Here’s 7 workouts, each with a different focus. Try one of these each day to keep things fresh, and keep your muscles guessing. Tips to remember, for staying motivated to workout (even when you’re tired and busy!) Set up a specific time each […]

5 Tips for an Effective Workout with adidas FitSmart

5 tips for an effective workout

Sponsored by adidas Fit Smart This time of year, workouts might take a back seat to a packed holiday schedule. But maintaining your fitness levels will help you stay motivated and even increase your energy. It can be tough to push yourself during a solo workout, which is why a heart rate monitor like the adidas Fit Smart is […]

NO EXCUSES Do-Anywhere Workout Roundup

No Excuses! Workouts you can do anywhere

Here’s a fresh batch of workouts from the FitFluential Ambassadors. This week’s theme is NO EXCUSES! Wherever you are, whatever is going on, squeeze out a little time this week to do something good for your body. You won’t regret it. The holiday season is here, and our to-do lists can be overwhelming. Make sure […]

Get Fit with HIIT: 6 Workouts plus a HIIT It Hard Playlist


Sponsored by Jabra. Enter to win Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones below! Photo credit Brad Gouthro Fitness Looking to burn as much fat as possible or improve endurance while preserving muscle? Time to incorporate some High Intensity Interval Training into your routine. HIIT refers to a workout where you perform an exercise interval at maximum effort, […]

Mom, Biz Owner & Athlete: A Glimpse into My Chaotic Blessed Life


I am a couple days out from the Phoenix Europa which I will be competing in as an IFBB Pro Fitness competitor. Show week is always crazy but so is every day of my life. Just like many of you, I wear several hats with the the multiple jobs and responsibilities I have in addition to the […]

Turn up the Heat Cardio & Core Workout

Turn up the Heat Cardio & Core Workout

sponsored by Advanced Molecular Labs Ready to turn up the heat on your core? This HIIT workout from Steve Pfiester elevates your core training with five different core moves followed by lateral raises (so pull out those bands or other form of resistance like some dumbbells). HIIT workouts “turn up the heat” like the thermogenic Thermo […]

10 Workouts for Sculpted Arms and Shoulders + a Power Playlist

10 workouts for sculpted arms & shoulders

Hey guys! It’s time to sweat again. Last week we focused on the lower body and booty. Now we’re shifting our attention to the muscle groups of the upper body, targeting the arms and shoulders. Before you get started on these workouts, make sure you take a moment to read our safety statement and check with your […]

World Series Workout


Baseball fans, rejoice: it’s World Series time! Instead of sitting on your couch each night, try this bodyweight workout that mixes high and low intensity exercises with different situations throughout the game. The movements are described below. Modifications are also included if you prefer a little less impact or more of a challenge! Burpees Starting […]


12 TABATA Workouts slider (1)”>20

If you’re not already in love with the efficient cardio training methods known as TABATA and HIIT, you’ve probably at least heard about them. In short (no pun intended) they are workouts that are brief compared to spending an hour or more doing steady state cardio exercises. Steady-state being training sessions where your heart rate […]