Football Food: Game Plan for Healthy Eating

healthy football food

For many of us, fall means football season. It kicks off a string of holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Just like those holidays, football means a ton of get-togethers. If your friends and family are anything like mine, that means you’re going to be constantly surrounded by food. What a blessing and a curse, [...]

Autumn Squash Soup and More Butternut Squash Recipes


Seasonal eating provides you with the freshest foods, better flavor and more nutrients. Buying seasonally also supports local farmers and can help to stretch your food budget. Fall is my favorite time of year to hit up the local farmer’s market and I never leave without purchasing a huge amount of squash. With a pleasant nutty [...]

Healthy Fall Meals Using Seasonal Produce


    Fall has arrived with its cool, crisp air and changing leaves. It’s time to wrap your hands around a warm mug, sit around a fire with friends and break out warmer clothes. It’s also time to get to the market and take advantage of the amazing seasonal produce fall has to offer. Why eat seasonally? [...]

Favorite Fall Recipes


Photo collage credit:,,,,,,   We’re pretty much eating our way through Fall around here, and loving it. Good thing we’ve got our weekly fitness roundups to help us burn some of it off.   For the Autumn season we’ve been enjoying chili, warm drinks and all sorts of drool-worthy [...]

46 Amazingly Healthy Soup Recipes


  There is nothing better than a big bowl of hot soup on a chilly, Fall night especially when it’s healthy and made from scratch! Soup is a great meal because it can be made in so many ways and (most of the time) calls for real ingredients! My favorite kind of soup is the kind [...]

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili and More Slow Cooker Recipes


    Fall is a favorite season for many. The vibrant colors of autumn foliage, the crisp fresh air, and the welcome of seasonal foods such as sweet apples, decadent pumpkin and comfort meals are just some of the reasons why this season brings such joy. One kitchen appliance of mine that only ventures outside [...]

A Month of Cookies for National Cookie Month

Natioinal Cookie Month Recipes

  collage photo credit:,,,   Did you know October is National Cookie Month? Cue the confetti, and let’s celebrate it in style and good taste. That’s right, in addition to being the month of candy and trick or treat— it’s also the month where we celebrate those little baked nuggets of [...]

Kid-Approved Vegan and Vegetarian Lunch Ideas


  Whether you are a strict vegan or vegetarian, or just interested in adding the occasional vegetarian meal to your (or your kids’) weekly meal rotation, this post is for you! Before we go any further, I just want to take a minute to explain the difference between a vegan diet and a vegetarian diet. [...]

FitFluential Kids Round-Up: Tips, Recipes and More for Active Kids


  Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, babysitters: this round-up is for you. It’s all about the littles and how you can help the kids in your life stay active and healthy. It takes energy and creativity to make healthy kids a priority. As adults, we are faced with so many responsibilities each day that we inevitably become [...]

Trendy and Tasty! Blackberry Lemon Smoothie Recipe


    Are blackberries the new “it” berry or “celebrity” food of the season? Firmenich, a company that researches, develops and supplies flavors to the food and beverage industry, reports that the blackberry has been holding court as “flavor of the year” since the beginning of 2014. It humors me that this humble fruit, once [...]

Mouthwatering Peanut Butter Recipes


Peanut butter is basically a rock star around these parts. All I had to do was mention it to the FitFluential Ambassadors, and the mouthwatering recipes came flooding in. Everyone LOVES the rich, satisfying flavor of peanut butter, and they’ve found some awesome ways to incorporate it into their recipes. Did you know that peanuts [...]

Allergy-Friendly Packable Lunches


  As the mother of a child with multiple dietary restrictions (dairy and gluten), who attends a nut-free, fish-free and egg-free day care centre, I have been forced into a world of allergy-friendly cooking and baking. Not that I minded very much. As a culinary nutrition expert, this was an excellent chance for me to flex my culinary muscles [...]

The Ultimate Healthy Bread Recipe Round-Up


Let’s start with a disclaimer. Paleo and low-carb friends: this post is NOT for you. It’s a celebration of bread in all its glorious forms. Biscuits, muffins and scones…..oh my! Humans have had a love affair with bread for thousands of years. According to The History Channel – it’s the most widely consumed food in [...]

Quick and Easy Dinners for Hectic Schedules


Between the kid’s band practice, dog walking, a library run, and your 5 p.m. Zumba class, you might be tempted to hit the drive-thru for the family dinner. That doesn’t have to be the case. We’re here to tell you that you can put together a (somewhat) home-cooked quick, easy and healthy meal in far [...]