Recipes for a Vegan Thanksgiving

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If you are a vegan or vegetarian chances are you’ve been to a Thanksgiving dinner where you end up with a sad-looking plate filled with steamed frozen vegetables while everyone else gets to pile on a variety of fresh-out-of-the-oven, delicious-looking, aroma-filled dishes that would make anyone’s mouth water. It sure doesn’t seem fair, does it? So, for those […]

6 Must-Try Cranberry Recipes


We have all heard the old claim that cranberry juice can stave off a UTI. We also all tend to associate cranberries with the weird, burgundy gel that always manages to wiggle itself (literally) onto our Thanksgiving tables while still maintaining the shape of the can. Poor cranberries, what an awkward reputation! But I’m here […]

Comfort Food at Its Finest: Healthier Casseroles


These are NOT your mama’s casseroles! Gone are those dishes of the past full of processed foods. Today’s casseroles are comfort foods with benefits. Packed with veggies and flavor for miles, get ready to be warmed up from the inside out with these baked dishes. You’ll find some old favorite recipes here, lightened up with better […]

Healthy One Pot Meals


When it comes to cooking healthy meals at home, I love variety but I also love simplicity. I’ve learned that I’m not one to spend hours prepping, roasting, cooking and serving any one dish, but that doesn’t mean healthy, delicious meals don’t find a way to our table! Enter: one-pot meals. Not only do they […]

Healthier Baking With Pumpkin


Hey guys! I hope you don’t mind another pumpkin flavored roundup. The first week in September, we shared 44 Pumpkin Recipes to get you started as summer ended and all things Fall entered our consciousness.  As the weeks have gone by, I’ve seen a number of drool-worthy recipes that were just too good to overlook. […]

Football Food: Game Plan for Healthy Eating

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For many of us, fall means football season. It kicks off a string of holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Just like those holidays, football means a ton of get-togethers. If your friends and family are anything like mine, that means you’re going to be constantly surrounded by food. What a blessing and a curse, […]

Autumn Squash Soup and More Butternut Squash Recipes


Seasonal eating provides you with the freshest foods, better flavor and more nutrients. Buying seasonally also supports local farmers and can help to stretch your food budget. Fall is my favorite time of year to hit up the local farmer’s market and I never leave without purchasing a huge amount of squash. With a pleasant nutty […]

Healthy Fall Meals Using Seasonal Produce


    Fall has arrived with its cool, crisp air and changing leaves. It’s time to wrap your hands around a warm mug, sit around a fire with friends and break out warmer clothes. It’s also time to get to the market and take advantage of the amazing seasonal produce fall has to offer. Why eat seasonally? […]

Favorite Fall Recipes


Photo collage credit:,,,,,,   We’re pretty much eating our way through Fall around here, and loving it. Good thing we’ve got our weekly fitness roundups to help us burn some of it off.   For the Autumn season we’ve been enjoying chili, warm drinks and all sorts of drool-worthy […]

46 Amazingly Healthy Soup Recipes


  There is nothing better than a big bowl of hot soup on a chilly, Fall night especially when it’s healthy and made from scratch! Soup is a great meal because it can be made in so many ways and (most of the time) calls for real ingredients! My favorite kind of soup is the kind […]