Isopure Guide to Shape Your Legs and Booty for Spring!

lower body workout

  Sponsored by Isopure. Recipe for Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Cup shake made with Isopure Whey Protein Isolate below! Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to get those legs and booty looking good so you can hit the beach or pool parties rocking a hot bod with confidence. This workout targeting the legs […]

Video: Be Obsessed with a Purpose

Be Obsessed with a Purpose

  Obsessed has become a dirty word, one to describe people who are so passionate that it makes other people uncomfortable. Even when it comes to healthy habits, obsession is often used as an insult. Many of us have witnessed people sneer and scoff as they talk of those “obsessed with CrossFit” or “obsessed with running.” We […]

10 Running Resolutions You Need To Make In 2015

10 running resolutions for 2015 fitfluential

Do you have any running goals for 2015? Because if not, I HIGHLY advise you to reconsider! I always love the new year. I love the opportunity to pause and reflect on everything you did over the last year and decide on some goals to accomplish over the upcoming year. This year I’ve included some […]

The G.A.I.N. Plan: Overcoming Procrastination in 2015

5 ways to stop procrastinating

With the New Year upon us, I suspect that many FitFluential members are preparing to start their New Year’s Resolutions. In other words, we are going to start pursuing new goals in 2015.  I know I’ve already resolved to get ripped. Why procrastinate?  I started TODAY! As the saying goes, a dream becomes a goal […]

How to Make and Successfully Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

how to make successful fitness goals fitfluential

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that you look back on 2014 with joy and happiness and can look forward to 2015 with excitement and anticipation. I always love New Year’s; it offers an opportunity for self-reflection, goal setting, and self improvement. As you look forward to the new year and contemplate some of the […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Hope or Joke?

blonde ponytail

  At the stroke of midnight January 1, 2013 millions of people raised their glass as they have countless years before and toasted to a new beginning. This year like years past they resolved to lose those extra pounds, kick the two pack a day habit, get out of debt or finally find a better […]

“I Did Couch to 5K. Now What?”

I did couch to 5k. Now what

  photo credit Sarah Dussault   The weather is warming and many are making good on those wintertime pledges to run their first 5Ks. Others have hit their initial weight loss goals, taken those first classes, achieved their first steps to a healthier lifestyle. So now what? We asked our FitFluential Ambassadors for some thoughts […]

5 Tips for Goal Setting and Goal Keeping – All Year Long

soccer header

Last Wednesday’s #livewellnow Twitter chat was all about developing goals and holding ourselves accountable to achieve them: NOW, tomorrow, and yes, as we ushered in the new year. Whether you pledged lofty, ambitious resolutions this year or set simple, more practical goals for yourself, we think that some of the tips that we saw in […]

Enjoying the New Year


  Enjoyment. How do you define it? Hopefully you’ve all taken plenty of time to enjoy people, places and personal time this past month! Now a new year is upon us, routine has returned, and it’s easy to feel down coming off of so much excitement and merriment. Maybe you enjoyed a little too much […]