Fitness Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are right around the corner and everyone is making their lists and checking them twice. Sometimes there is that person that doesn’t fit into the typical present category. (Since you are reading this, that person is probably also you.) Your friends and relatives may not know what to get you. They know you […]

Finding Motivation and Your Momentum (Giveaway and Discount Code!)


What moves you? What keeps you motivated to keep going? It’s easy to lose your mojo or get sidetracked by all the distractions of daily life: a busy schedule, a sidelining illness or injury, a vacation causing a change in routine. And the longer you go without the starting back up again, the harder it […]

What Makes for Summer Fitness Fashion Success? #lifeartsport Chat 6/20


Join us for our #lifeartsport chat with sponsor YMX by Yellowman! Details below.   It’s summertime! How do you stay cool during workouts when the mercury rises?  Tops and bottoms, jackets and vests, short sleeve or long: whatever your style, whatever your sport, YMX by Yellowman MadKool fabrics have the mad cool features to support your […]

Headphones, Music, Women on the Go: #fit4life Twitter Chat 6/18 with @DaraTorres

dara headphones koss

  We’re chatting with Olympian Dara Torres and sponsor Koss Corporation about music and headphones for active women. Join us!   For years, an often-overlooked segment of the headphone category has been women. Most headphones on the marketplace are made for a single ear size, primarily that of men. So Koss Corporation and five-time Olympian […]

Where Fitness Meets Fashion! #lifeartsport chat with @wearYMX 4/2


  Join us for our #lifeartsport chat with sponsor YMX by Yellowman! Details below.   What makes for the perfect fitness garment? YMX by Yellowman just might have every quality you’ve been looking for in one function-meets-fashion line of sports apparel. MadKool technical fabrics have mad cool features to support your athletic endeavors and busy […]

Questions about Compression? #KeepItTight Chat 1/23 with @ProCompression

Screen shot 2013-01-21 at 3.32.52 PM

    Runners, golfers, athletes of all kinds: when you’re training and playing, you’re always looking for something to give you a bit of a competitive edge. Compression socks offer support and maximum comfort, delaying the muscular breakdown and fatigue that results from long-term exertion and helping to speed recovery time. Over time your circulation […]

How Do You Therafit? Ambassador Reviews


    Medical doctor Dr. Lisa Masterson of the Emmy Award- winning series The Doctors created Therafit by Dr. Lisa to be the 12-hour shoe for the 12-hour day (or more!) of the active woman. Blending fashion with comfort and cutting-edge technology, these National Posture Institute accredited shoes can take you from work to play […]

Fitness Fashion: Mondetta Performance Gear


    Athleticism is powerful. Inspiring. Beautiful. Shouldn’t an athlete’s clothes be as well? Mondetta Performance Gear, or MPG, is a line of sportswear that inspires peak physical performance and the passion and drive to achieve it. Blurring the line between fashion and function, this line uses exceptional fabrics and rich details to retain a […]

#MizunoRunning Twitter Chat 9/24: The Mezamashii Project with @MizunoRunning


  They call it a “runner’s high”— that endorphin-induced feel-good feeling after a long run. Mizuno takes it one step further with the Mezamashii Project. Mezamashii means “eye opening” or “brilliant” in Japanese, and through the Mezamashii Project Mizuno intends to connect more people with the experience of a more “brilliant,” euphoric run. How? By […]

Q & A with Christie Barany, Inventor of the #MonkeyMat (plus Twitter Chat Details!)

Christie Barany

      What’s a Monkey Mat? A 5×5′ portable, water-repellent, lightweight clean surface ideal for moms and outdoor enthusiasts on-the-go. This soft yet durable mat folds into its own compact pouch with an attached strap that can be fastened anywhere for easy transport: on a purse, backpack, stroller or wrist. Weighted corners and corner […]