Sugar-Free Sweet & Salty Toffee Peanut Butter

Sugar-Free Sweet & Salty Toffee Peanut Butter

We all may have different styles, different ways to workout and different opinions on nutrition, but there’s one thing that unites us. Peanut butter. Go anywhere the fitness world and you’ll find peanut butter addicts left and right (myself included). Because there ain’t no party like a peanut butter party. And this peanut butter is […]

Healthy School Lunches

Healthy Lunches

It’s hard to believe that summer is already almost over, and before we know it, it’ll be time to get the kids back to school. Back to those cafeteria lunches with over-steamed green beans and an unidentified mass of protein resembling some form of meatloaf. While some school are really stepping up their game when […]

Fresh Summer Produce Recipes

15 farmers market‏ recipes

Looking for recipes that utilize your fresh Summer produce? We’ve been loving the choices at our local farmers’ market this Summer. So many colorful, fresh fruits and veggies to enjoy. This week, our roundup features recipes that will spotlight those fresh, in-season produce selections that you’ve brought home from your local farmers’ market. Enjoy! 15 […]

Healthy Cookie Dough Recipe

Healthy Cookie Dough Recipe”

Sponsored by About Time. #TryAboutTime We are all children when it comes to cookie dough. We lick it off of our fingers, scrape the bowl for the last remaining bits. Because that stuff is good. We’ve come up with a healthy version that doesn’t contain all of that sugar and refined flour, and you can […]

Kabob Recipes

20 Kabob Recipes

Photo Credit: The Fit Fork, Fit Foodie Finds, Plaid & Paleo and Gettin’ My Healthy On Fire up the grill! It’s time to enjoy some simply delish meals on skewers. Whether you say kebab or kabob – it’s all good. We’ve got 20 different ways to enjoy these bit sized eats, fresh off the grill. […]

14 Fig Recipes

Fig Recipes

This summer… we’re getting figgy with it. Thank you for pardoning that pun. In all seriousness, have you tried a fig lately? I remember visiting my grandparents’ house as a child and eating them right off of a tree in his backyard, savoring the sun-ripened fruit. They were always so sweet and flavorful, and I would crave them […]

Recipe: Vegan Banana Bread

banana bread

I wanted to make a variation of the banana bread found on this website, however our applesauce went bad and we had no eggs. I had already mixed some of the dry ingredients so I did some more research and compiled the following recipe using bits and pieces of different recipes. It came out pretty […]

Classic Cobb Salad with Homemade Red Wine Vinaigrette


 Sponsored By Eggland’s Best #EBEggsFit EAT COBB: Eggs Avocado Tomato Chicken Onion Bacon Blue Cheese I just learned this clever trick for remembering the ingredients in a Cobb Salad using the EAT COBB mnemonic! Although I’ve seen lots of variations on the Cobb Salad, such as using ham instead of chicken, using different cheese, etc. this is the classic combo. And I’ll […]

15 Frozen Drink Recipes

slider frozen drinks

Ready to cool off with something that’s fruity, refreshing and…slushy? Oh yeah – we may have outgrown snowcones – but adults can still enjoy a nice frozen beverage during these hot months. If you’ve got some fresh fruit on hand in the kitchen – some ice and a blender, you’re pretty much set to whip […]

16 No Beef Burger Recipes

slider non beef burgers

Today we’re branching out and proving that burgers are not all about the beef. We’ve got turkey, chicken, black bean, quinoa and even chickpea burgers for you to try.  So grab some buns and your favorite toppings, and get ready to enjoy a nutritious meal that’s anything but boring. photo credits: NOW Foods, Aris Menu […]

13 Ways to Eat Strawberries

slider strawberries

It’s strawberry pickin’ season! An annual rite of Summer, it’s a favorite activity for adults and kids alike. The smell and taste of fresh picked berries just can’t be beat. 13 Ways to Eat Strawberries Collage photo credit: No Nonsense Nutritionist, Uproot from Oregon, Jenna Braddock, Run Wiki, Tasting Page Now that you’ve got your […]

20 Recipes with Lime

slider lime recipes

Something about the Summer months just makes us crave that refreshing flavor of lime.  Packed with Vitamin C – limes provide a citrusy, tangy flavor boost to drinks, desserts and more. Check out this roundup of recipes featuring one of our favorite flavors for warm months – LIME! Limes are the perfect citrus to keep […]