21 Healthy Hummus Recipes


Sponsored by Blendtec “Hummus is yummus,” as the kids say (mine do, anyway). Traditionally, hummus is made with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic and a bit of lemon juice blended together to create an creamy dip that’s addictive and packed with good fats. The wonderful thing about such a simple recipe is that there is […]

5 Creative Ways To Use Vegan Protein Powder In Your Eats!

5 Ways To Use Vegan Protein Powder by Kasey Arena

Sponsored by About Time Hey all! It’s Kasey Arena here sharing with you five ways to incorporate vegan protein powder into your meals. Growing up, my mom would “sneak” protein powder into our pancake mix to make them “powercakes”— that’s where the name of my blog originally came from. Nowadays, incorporating protein powder into your […]

21 Healthier Super Snacks for the Big Game

21 Healthy Superbowl snacks

Follow Slim Sanity with Bloglovin’   Game Day Snacks Made Healthier Let’s be honest. For most of us, the Super Bowl isn’t about football. It’s about the halftime show and the commercials. It’s also an excuse to have a party and get together with friends. And if we’re being really honest, it’s definitely about the […]

Beware the Substitution Trap: Stick to Your Workout and Eating Plan

Stick to your healthy habits to see results

  Deep down everyone knows what we should be eating.   What you eat either moves you closer or further from your goals. From goals of ripped abs, maybe a flat stomach, or just to feel good— food is a large part of the equation. When you break it down to its most basic level it’s […]

Pizza Recipes Made Healthier

pizza slider

Pizza. Just the mention of it makes you hungry. Well, fellow pizza lovers, today is your day. We’ve rounded up the most drool-worthy pizza recipes for your viewing and cooking pleasure. Healthy or indulgent, savory or sweet, we’ve got ‘em all so you can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Who knew pizza could be […]

Clean Eating Shopping List

Clean Eating Shopping List

Moving towards cleaner eating in 2015? You’ll never regret making better choices for a more nutritious diet. Not only will you begin to feel better, you’ll start to see the results once you incorporate better changes into your diet as a regular habit. Don’t neglect exercise, but remember that you can’t out-train a bad diet. […]

How I Made a Whole Dinner in a Blendtec (with Appetizer and Dessert)

How I Made a Whole Dinner in a Blender (with Appetizer and Dessert) using a Blendtec!

Sponsored by Blendtec The second I unboxed this beautiful piece of machinery, I couldn’t help but thumb through the enclosed Blendtec recipe booklets, envisioning all the meals and snacks that would don our dining table created by this beast of a blender. I mean, can you even call it a blender, when it truly is […]

Ten Ways to #MakeYourMove to Healthier Eating

Make Your Move for a healthier diet

Sponsored by Kohl’s You’re probably familiar with the expressions “eat the rainbow,” “abs are made in the kitchen” and “you can’t out train a bad diet.” Your daily food choices matter, when it comes to appearance and performance. Improving what you put into your body can have a dramatic effect on what you can get […]

Cooking with Coconut Oil: Recipes + Tips for Other Uses

coconut oil slider

Coconut oil has quickly become a kitchen necessity, and with good reason. This superfood is the epitome of healthy fat as it fights bacteria, lowers cholesterol, and aids in weight loss. And it tastes good. Total package. This versatile ingredient isn’t just for eating. It’s amazing for hair and skin! We’ve compiled a list of recipes […]

You Need to Try These Homemade Nut Butter Recipes

Slider Nut Butters

Sponsored by Blendtec Sometimes you feel like a nut (butter). And why not? Nuts are a source of protein, contain vitamins and minerals and are chock-full of heart healthy omega 3s, the “good” fat. Process nuts into a creamy, spreadable butter consistency and you’ll love it smeared on bread, incorporated into recipes or licked shamelessly […]

Build Your Own Green Smoothie + 10 Recipes to Try


Sponsored by Blendtec. Enter our giveaway below! Photo Credit: Katrina Runs Most of us tend to be pretty good about adding fruits to our diet— they’re sweet and tasty in their natural state. Adults should be getting 2-3 cups of vegetables each week, with an emphasis on those powerhouse superfoods, dark leafy greens: chock full […]

Recipe Roundup: Recipes with Superfood Oatmeal


You won’t find many ‘top superfoods’ lists that don’t include oatmeal. Oatmeal has the reputation of being an easy, filling and healthy breakfast, but just how far do the benefits go? According to a recent study, that big bowl of oats may be even better than you thought. From decreased hunger to heart health, the […]

5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Food Borne Illnesses


The improper handling, preparation and/or storage of foods like fruits, vegetables, and meats cause approximately 20 percent of all food-related illnesses. “Consumers are increasing concerned about the safety and quality of their food, but often don’t realize that they may be the cause of foodborne illness in their own homes, due to improper cleaning of […]

Treat Yourself with These Sweet Recipes


You’ve been very good all year, right? When you commit to a diet or to healthy eating, an indulgence may feel like cheating. But treating yourself now and again absolutely makes sense within a healthy lifestyle: it satisfies cravings to keep you from overindulging later, and signals your body that it’s ok to keep releasing fat […]