Must Have Recipes for Bacon Lovers


Who wants some bacon? In our house – everyone! Bacon is possibly the only food that all four of us agree on completely.  I know we’re not the only ones. It’s well loved by many, and with the popularity of the Paleo diet, it’s achieved cult-like status. In our home, we keep it pretty basic: [...]

Football Food: Game Plan for Healthy Eating

healthy football food

For many of us, fall means football season. It kicks off a string of holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Just like those holidays, football means a ton of get-togethers. If your friends and family are anything like mine, that means you’re going to be constantly surrounded by food. What a blessing and a curse, [...]

8 Foods to Boost Your Brain and Mood


  Of all the bad-mood triggers out there, hunger can be one of the biggest and worst culprits. This is because our brains require a great deal of nutrients from the foods we eat, and when your blood sugar level drops (either due to skipping meals or frank starvation), certain hormones and mood-controlling areas of [...]

Halloween Treats to Make Yourself


Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? What will your costume be? However your Halloween plans unfold this year, they’ll be made even sweeter by having some of these homemade treats on hand. The FitFluential Ambassadors have been busy creating these fun and festive snack ideas for you to enjoy this Halloween! These treats [...]

Autumn Squash Soup and More Butternut Squash Recipes


Seasonal eating provides you with the freshest foods, better flavor and more nutrients. Buying seasonally also supports local farmers and can help to stretch your food budget. Fall is my favorite time of year to hit up the local farmer’s market and I never leave without purchasing a huge amount of squash. With a pleasant nutty [...]

Quick Tips to Hydrate Right


sponsored by Nth Degree Hydration is important, especially when performance and endurance counts. After all, our bodies are about 60% water and 75% of that is in our muscles. When you’re not properly hydrated, you can’t perform optimally: studies indicate a runner’s pace will slow by 2% for each percentage of body weight lost from [...]

Rock Your Crock with Chili Beans for National Chili Month

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sponsored by S&W® Beans Did you know that October is National Chili Month? Why not celebrate with a bowl of your favorite chili or use this month to try out a new recipe. Not only does chili taste great, it is also good for you–especially the beans. Why eat beans? Because nutritionally they rock! Beans [...]

Healthy Fall Meals Using Seasonal Produce


    Fall has arrived with its cool, crisp air and changing leaves. It’s time to wrap your hands around a warm mug, sit around a fire with friends and break out warmer clothes. It’s also time to get to the market and take advantage of the amazing seasonal produce fall has to offer. Why eat seasonally? [...]

Favorite Fall Recipes


Photo collage credit:,,,,,,   We’re pretty much eating our way through Fall around here, and loving it. Good thing we’ve got our weekly fitness roundups to help us burn some of it off.   For the Autumn season we’ve been enjoying chili, warm drinks and all sorts of drool-worthy [...]

Video: How to Make Zucchini Pasta

How to Make Zucchini Pasta

Zoodles. Zeghetti. By now you’ve probably heard these or other terms for zucchini pasta— a great low carb, gluten-free alternative to traditional pasta. If not, do a quick Instagram search, I’ll wait. Now that you’ve had a chance to experience #zoodlesfordays and #zoodlesnotnoodles, you want to make your own zucchini pasta. How do you perfect it? [...]

46 Amazingly Healthy Soup Recipes


  There is nothing better than a big bowl of hot soup on a chilly, Fall night especially when it’s healthy and made from scratch! Soup is a great meal because it can be made in so many ways and (most of the time) calls for real ingredients! My favorite kind of soup is the kind [...]