Let’s Talk Post-Workout Recovery: #BuildIt Chat 10/2 8pm ET

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    What you do when you’re NOT working out matters. That’s when your body repairs and rebuilds to make you faster, stronger, better. After a tough workout, what do you do to rebuild and recover?   We’re talking about the hows and whys of athletic recovery with sponsor Got Chocolate Milk?. An 8 ounce serving of [...]

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili and More Slow Cooker Recipes


    Fall is a favorite season for many. The vibrant colors of autumn foliage, the crisp fresh air, and the welcome of seasonal foods such as sweet apples, decadent pumpkin and comfort meals are just some of the reasons why this season brings such joy. One kitchen appliance of mine that only ventures outside [...]

October Challenge: #FFWellness


  “It’s time to do something good for yourself.” In the past few months, we’ve wallsat until our legs shook, done pushup after pushup, run 100 miles together, dropped it like a squat, logged 1000 burpees and more. This month we’re challenging you to remember that health is about more than reps and max effort. [...]

A Month of Cookies for National Cookie Month

Natioinal Cookie Month Recipes

  collage photo credit: healthyhelperblog.com, kellytheculinarian.com,  fannetasticfood.com, purelytwins.com   Did you know October is National Cookie Month? Cue the confetti, and let’s celebrate it in style and good taste. That’s right, in addition to being the month of candy and trick or treat— it’s also the month where we celebrate those little baked nuggets of [...]

Video: Surviving the Holiday Eating Season


    The holiday eating season seems to come earlier and earlier every year. The “danger zone” of all-you-can-eat decadent food doesn’t just start with turkey and stuffing at Thanksgiving. Did anyone else notice that the Halloween candy was out in full force before Labor Day this year? The statistics vary, but most indicate that [...]

Kid-Approved Vegan and Vegetarian Lunch Ideas


  Whether you are a strict vegan or vegetarian, or just interested in adding the occasional vegetarian meal to your (or your kids’) weekly meal rotation, this post is for you! Before we go any further, I just want to take a minute to explain the difference between a vegan diet and a vegetarian diet. [...]

Calling All Foodies! #ConnectedLife in the Kitchen Chat 9/29 2pm ET


    Whether you’re a culinary wizard… or you just WISH you were… you don’t want to miss this chat! How has tech and the connected life helped you out in the kitchen? We’re calling all foodies (and wannabe chefs!) for this week’s #ConnectedLife chat sponsored by Verizon Wireless. We’ll be discussing the best apps [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Morgan Wuergler


    I’m a 32 year old female…married and living in Moneta, VA. My transformation story starts like this… In 2007 I had just moved 3 hours away from my family and was eager to meet new people. I instantly became friends with a neighbor who was just getting into running and she asked me [...]

FitFluential Kids Round-Up: Tips, Recipes and More for Active Kids


  Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, babysitters: this round-up is for you. It’s all about the littles and how you can help the kids in your life stay active and healthy. It takes energy and creativity to make healthy kids a priority. As adults, we are faced with so many responsibilities each day that we inevitably become [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Jen Inaldo


    I’ve always been overweight. Exercise and nutrition were two words that did not truly enter my life until I was already an adult. I’ve always had busy, stressful desk jobs that kept me sitting for hours on end and stress eating whatever was readily available. I had lost some weight after first meeting [...]

Get Up… and Move!

Get moving!

Today I took my cardio session outdoors. And by cardio, I mean that I went for a hike with my girlfriend around a lake near our house. While I spend a fair bit of time in the gym working out, I enjoy mixing up my forms of exercise from time to time. Trust me when [...]

It’s Hug a Vegetarian Day! 5 Tips for New Vegetarians

new vegetarian tips

    I never thought I’d fall under the vegetarian label*, yet now it’s already been more than four years since I’ve had a taste of meat or poultry. It literally happened overnight, without warning. I watched “Food Inc.”— which I highly recommend whether you intend to stop eating meat or not!— and suddenly found myself with [...]

Take On The Urban Playground: The Men’s Health URBANATHLON (discount code!)

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   sponsored by the Men’s Health URBANATHLON   We know you work hard. Ready to play hard? The Men’s Health URBANATHLON is back! Now in its 9th year, this series challenges you to set new personal standards for what it means to be fit. An obstacle course run with an urban theme, URBANATHLON will have you running [...]

Fitness Roundup- 12 Sweat Session Workouts Plus a Cardio Warmup

12 sweat sessions

  This week’s fitness roundup has a dozen different workouts to help you get your fitness on. Grab a towel and some tunes— it’s time to sweat! Regular physical activity that makes you break a sweat is good for your body and mind in so many ways. Did you realize that sweat sessions can actually [...]

3 Things Every Fitness Enthusiast Needs to Know About Kettlebells


    The Russian kettlebell has been called an extreme handheld gym. Is there really any doubt that kettlebell training is a highly effective tool for fitness and performance training? Even though kettlebells are more popular now than ever, they’re actually not new tools at all, as the “cannon ball with a handle” has been around [...]

#AskFF: How Can I Get My Kids to Eat Healthier?


    I asked my Facebook mama friends how they keep their kids eating healthy foods. There were a few big themes that came up over and over again with these healthy moms encouraging their kids to eat healthy.   1. Make healthy eating the norm and lead by example. This was definitely a biggie with [...]

Blackberry Coffee Cake Recipe: Grain-free, Naturally Sweetened, Paleo


  Blackberries are one of the most nutritious (and delicious) types of berry out there. These dark purple beauties are packed with antioxidants making them a great, nutrient dense way to start your day on the right foot. What better way to get going in the morning than with a piece of healthy Blackberry Coffee Cake! This [...]

Trendy and Tasty! Blackberry Lemon Smoothie Recipe


    Are blackberries the new “it” berry or “celebrity” food of the season? Firmenich, a company that researches, develops and supplies flavors to the food and beverage industry, reports that the blackberry has been holding court as “flavor of the year” since the beginning of 2014. It humors me that this humble fruit, once [...]