You Should Get a Massage Today! The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Benefits of massage therapy

Sponsored by Relax the Back. Enter our giveaway below! “Oh, I could use a massage,” we say, when our muscles get stiff or when life gets to be a bit much. What we usually mean is that we really need to relax, and massage is an excellent way to do that. Did you realize the benefits […]

Road Trip Yoga: 5 Essential Poses

yoga slider

According to AAA 46.3 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles during the busy holiday season. 90 percent of these travels (that’s around 41 million people) will take a road trip to reach their holiday destination. These trips can leave drivers and passengers cranky, stressed out, sore, and just generally feeling less than in […]

5 Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress

Coping Tips for Holiday Stress

Ah, the holidays. The season known as “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” can often be the most STRESSFUL time of the year. Crowded stores, frequent holiday parties, less daylight and tempting treats all crammed into a few short weeks. It’s bound to drive even the most relaxed people a little insane. However, setting […]

East Coast vs. West Coast Blogger Challenge: Who’s Ahead?

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Photo credit Sponsored by Shape/Men’s Fitness. Enter our Amazon giveaway below! Week One of the East Coast vs West Coast Blogger Challenge: COMPLETED! The Men’s Fitness and Shape Magazine East Coast vs. West Coast Blogger Challenge is a head-to-head competition for the title of most active coast. 10 of our East Coast Ambassadors and […]

5 Tips for an Effective Workout with adidas FitSmart

5 tips for an effective workout

Sponsored by adidas Fit Smart This time of year, workouts might take a back seat to a packed holiday schedule. But maintaining your fitness levels will help you stay motivated and even increase your energy. It can be tough to push yourself during a solo workout, which is why a heart rate monitor like the adidas Fit Smart is […]

Giving Thanks for Positive Nutrition: #EatPositive 11/24 9pm ET


‘Tis the season for thinking about what we’re thankful for… and one of those things is the food that nourishes and sustains us. As we get ready to prepare and share the foods of the season this Thanksgiving, we’re “Giving Thanks for Positive Nutrition” during our #EatPositive chat sponsored by Kashi. We’ll be discussing the food […]

Recipes for a Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan slider

If you are a vegan or vegetarian chances are you’ve been to a Thanksgiving dinner where you end up with a sad-looking plate filled with steamed frozen vegetables while everyone else gets to pile on a variety of fresh-out-of-the-oven, delicious-looking, aroma-filled dishes that would make anyone’s mouth water. It sure doesn’t seem fair, does it? So, for those […]

Thankfulness and Togetherness at Thanksgiving: #ConnectedLife 11/24 2pm ET


It’s almost Turkey Day, but before we dig in let’s take some time to reflect on the things and the people that we’re thankful for. Join us and sponsor Verizon for our lunchtime chat about thankfulness, togetherness and opportunities for giving at this time of year. Verizon is thankful for you (and so are we!). […]

6 Must-Try Cranberry Recipes


We have all heard the old claim that cranberry juice can stave off a UTI. We also all tend to associate cranberries with the weird, burgundy gel that always manages to wiggle itself (literally) onto our Thanksgiving tables while still maintaining the shape of the can. Poor cranberries, what an awkward reputation! But I’m here […]

The Ultimate Epic Protein Packed Pancakes and Waffles Roundup


Hey there. Who wants pancakes? Yeah, me too. And my entire family— every weekend! They used to be a guilty indulgence, but not anymore. The FitFluential Ambassadors have found a way to make decadently delicious pancakes that are good for you. And did I mention, waffles too? Here’s the types of ingredients you’ll find in these better-for-you breakfast […]

7 Simple Tips to Staying Fit While Traveling

7 tips for staying healthy while traveling

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, taking a business trip, or jetting off on vacation, staying fit while on the road may not be the top item on your travel “To Do” list, but it can be! Often we use traveling as an excuse to eat what we want at new and interesting restaurants, or to take a break from […]

NO EXCUSES Do-Anywhere Workout Roundup

No Excuses! Workouts you can do anywhere

Here’s a fresh batch of workouts from the FitFluential Ambassadors. This week’s theme is NO EXCUSES! Wherever you are, whatever is going on, squeeze out a little time this week to do something good for your body. You won’t regret it. The holiday season is here, and our to-do lists can be overwhelming. Make sure […]

Clean Eating Essentials


So you’ve made the decision to start eating clean. Good for you! Good nutrition is such an important part of any healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and shelve the idea of clean eating before you even get started. There is a plethora of information in bookstores, grocery stores, and online. The best […]