Plank it Up Playlist


  photo cred: Lee Hersh,   We know you’re planking it up this month for the April Abs challenge. To help you power through your core workouts, we’ve put together a list of tunes with a rock edge to keep you going. We think they’ll become your new plank anthems this month.     […]

FitFluential Transformation: Denise Greenway


    My name is Denise Greenway. I’m a twenty-two year old single mother, cancer survivor, and bikini competitor. My story is a little complex and all over the place but maybe I should give you a little background to help you better understand who I am. I grew up in Georgia, a southern belle […]

10 Things No One is Telling You About Energy Drinks


  This sponsored post is contributed by Green-Eyed Guide.   Let’s play a game. If I say “energy drink,” what comes to mind? Extreme sports athletes? Teenagers in the hospital? Green tea? News outlets often portray energy drinks as dangerous concoctions of sugar and caffeine but this isn’t the whole picture. While some energy drinks […]

25 Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

cinco de mayo recipes

  photos: clockwise from top left,,,,,     We’re excited to share this Cinco de Mayo roundup with you. Just looking at these recipes makes us want to pour some margaritas, grab a few friends, and hang out while enjoying some delicious dishes. We put the call out to our FitFluential Ambassadors for […]

Power Your Way Through the Day: #DaisyDifference Chat 4/10 9pm EST

daisy (1)

  This chat is sponsored by Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese- join us!    In this multitasking, multi-device world we live in, people are nonstop and need the proper fuel to get them through each day. Gone are the days when a caffeine shot will do. We need proper nourishment– not a quick fix– to give […]

Spring Cleaning Fitness! #PUMAfitness Chat 4/9 9pm EST


  Join us for this month’s #PUMAfitness chat, sponsored by PUMA Fitness.   It’s finally starting to feel like springtime! Many of us will be throwing open our windows and doors and doing some spring cleaning in our houses: out with the old and in with the new. We want to know: does your fitness routine […]

30 High Protein Breakfast Recipes

high protein breakfast recipes

  Eating a healthy, protein filled breakfast will not only get your your day off to an energetic start, but help you stay fuller longer. High protein breakfasts are especially beneficial after an intense workout to help replenish the body of much needed nutrients. Vegetarian? Meat loving? Vegan? No worries—we’ve got high protein breakfast recipes […]

Let’s Talk Coffee and Protein! #JAVAPRO Chat 4/7 9pm EST


This chat is sponsored by the ISOPURE Company. Join us!    You’re active. Your muscles need fuel. You need energy. Let’s chat about two of our greatest loves: coffee and protein! A brand new product from the makers of Isopure, JAVAPRO combines high quality protein and real coffee— a must for waking up and staying up that […]

Community Chat! Jumpstart Your Blog #BetterBlog April 2nd 9pm EST


  Are you a newbie blogger that can’t quite unlock the secret to directing new readers to your blog? Or a veteran blogger who is trying to take your blog to the next level? Wherever you are on your blogging journey, it’s always educational (and fun!) to talk with other bloggers about what works, and […]

#FFAprilAbs: Plank-a-Day in April!

Plank Challenge

    Warmer temps are here and it’s time to get your core beach-ready with April’s Abs challenge! Together with PUMA we are challenging you to plank each day this month, working up to a 3 minute plank by April 30th. Start with a 30 second plank on day one, and work towards a daily […]

20 Creative Recipes Using Greek Yogurt

recipes using Greek yogurt

  If you like Greek yogurt as much as some of the FitFluential Ambassadors do then this post is just for you! Greek yogurt is extremely versatile in the kitchen and can be used in all sorts of different recipes ranging from sweet to savory and from breakfast to dinner. Greek yogurt is high in […]

Q&A with the #PropelAmbassadors: Twitter Chat 3/27 9pm EST


    This year we’ve partnered with Propel to help bring flavor to your workouts! Five of our FitFluential Ambassadors were selected as Propel Brand Ambassadors to embody their message of “Real People, Real Workouts:” Lee of Fit Foodie Finds, Jon from Extreme Workout, Presley of Run Pretty, Dai from The Moose is Loose, and […]

20 Sweet Spring Recipes to Get You Ready for Easter

spring recipes

  Photo credits:,,,,   Easter is right around the corner and we’re starting to plan our celebration. How about you? Thinking about some traditional favorites, or maybe trying something new this year? For inspiration, we put a call out to our FitFluential Ambassadors and asked for their favorite recipes for […]

5 Workout Videos to Target Your Entire Body

video workouts

  No gym? No problem. Here’s a roundup of workouts you can do at home, with little to no equipment. Some of your favorite FitFluential Ambassadors will walk you through the moves in these video workouts to target your entire body. For this roundup, we’ve chosen five separate video workouts targeting your core, upper and […]

Striving for Balance: #PUMAfitness Chat 3/18 9pm EST

balance in fitness

  Our chat about finding balance is sponsored by PUMA Fitness. Join in!   Here at FitFluential, we believe the pillars of a healthy lifestyle can be summed up as EAT, SLEEP, MOVE and ENJOY— and finding the BALANCE between those components that work for YOUR life. Balance can be a difficult thing to master, […]

19 Drool Worthy Superfood Recipes

recipes using superfoods

  Superfoods are considered the most nutrient dense foods on Earth. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Adding superfoods into your diet can help reduce the risk of disease and promote brain health, and better your immune system. The best part is— superfoods are easily accessible and there is a large variety to […]

A Balanced Diet May Help PMS Symptoms

ease PMS symptoms with diet

  By Regie Simmons   From the title of this blog you might be wondering why in the world a guy would chose to write a blog about PMS. I could, of course, have written about anything under the sun but yes, I have decided to write a blog about (gasp) premenstrual syndrome. Trust me […]

Your Training Questions, Answered by Running Coach John Honerkamp

race training questions

  Training for a race this year? We recently hosted a Twitter chat with running coach John Honerkamp and New York Road Runners, where Coach John fielded questions about race training, training on a treadmill and the TCS New York City Marathon. So much helpful info was shared that we couldn’t keep it all to […]