Spiralized Veggies Recipe Roundup

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You can never have too many veggies. Chock full of vitamins and micronutrients, vegetables are low calories, low carb and deliciously healthy. But since you can only eat so much steamed broccoli, we wanted to find a way to get a healthy helping of veggies with every meal and still deliver on flavor. The answer: […]

GLUTES workout video

Toning the Glutes

Glutes Workout Video with trainer Steve Pfiester You already know that squats and lunges are leg day staples. They are tough to beat for working the large muscles in your legs and glutes. But there’s more than one way to target and tone these muscles, and you’ll want to mix things up so your body […]

Vitamin Shoppe Fit Tip: Recover Faster

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 #FitHappens. We’re partnering with Vitamin Shoppe to bring you fit tips that can help you make fit happen. Being sore is one of the best/worst feelings in the world. You know you’re building muscle and getting stronger… but… it hurts. If you’ve ever done the post-leg day waddle, we “feel your pain.”. But a hard […]

6 Quick Fix Fitness Tips and Tricks

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6 Quick Fix Fitness Tips and Tricks   Weight loss is not impossible, but it is challenging. Even if your diet or workout differs from others, most people have the same struggles when it comes to weight loss. Here are a few tips that seem to help almost anyone striving to slim down.   Something […]

The Sneaky Side Effects of Stress + Our Favorite Stress-Less Products


#NOWGetFit. Brought to you by Now Foods. We know that stress is not good for us. And we know we shouldn’t do it. Nevertheless, 44 percent of Americans say that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. While some of the effects are obvious – headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness – others are not so obvious. […]

Apple Cider Vinegar Uses and Recipes

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It’s been awhile since one pantry staple has created such a buzz in the health and wellness community. Apple Cider Vinegar has captured the hearts of many with it’s delightfully tangy flavor and host of health benefits. In fact- it’s become known as a member of the superfood (and drink) family. Read more about how it’s […]

Why You Need A Media Kit For Your Blog


 This post contains affiliate links.   Today’s post is the latest in our ongoing series, Social Media 101. So far we’ve covered: How to Start a Blog, Twitter 101, Instagram for Small Business, and Improving your Food Photography. Hello FitFluential! We are so excited to be here today sharing the latest news to come out of The […]

13 HIIT Cardio Workouts

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Ready to sweat? It’s time to check out this week’s selection of workouts from the Fitfluential Ambassadors. How have your workouts been going lately? I’ve been focusing on strength training quite a bit and neglecting my cardio workouts. Time to incorporate more running, and quick, effective High Intensity Interval Training workouts. These workouts are performed […]

How to Work Out At Home

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Ready to make your home workouts even hotter? Try Black Fire on DailyBurn and get #HotLikeBlackFire. Sometimes the hardest part about going to the gym… is going to the gym. But now, it’s easier than ever to bring the gym to you! With so many online resources, you can easily find workouts that fit your style, […]

#MakeYourMove To a Good Morning With Yoga

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 In 2015, we’ve partnered with Kohl’s for the #MakeYourMove campaign. We want to know how you plan to #MakeYourMove toward a healthier you. How you start your morning sets the mood for the rest of the day. But sometimes, waking up on the right side of the bed is a struggle, and as you stumble […]

Clean (and Affordable!) Coffee Creamer

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It’s Monday, which calls for coffee. And lots of it. Unfortunately, If you’re like me and you like your coffee sweet and creamy, it can mean drinking more calories and chemicals than it’s worth. Store-bought creamers might contain ingredients you don’t recognize, and at an average of 35 calories per tablespoon, that daily treat might be […]

Vitamin Shoppe Fit Tip: Hair & Skin Health

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#FitHappens. We’re partnering with Vitamin Shoppe to bring you fit tips that can help you make fit happen. When it comes to working out, we aren’t very concerned with how we look. Hair goes up in a messy bun (because you know it’ll be a mess anyway), our faces are dripping with sweat, our hands are calloused […]

Are You Setting Yourself Up To Fail?

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The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining, snow is melting – summer is on its way. And with summer comes an almost panicked frenzy to work out, lose weight, tone up, and all that jazz. We love working out. And we love being healthy! But just because summer is coming and you’re determined […]

14 Fresh Salsa Recipes

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Collage Photo credit: Lexis Clean Kitchen, The Fit Fork, Food Faith Fitness, Food, Fitness & Family, Uproot from Oregon Move over casseroles, hot soups and chili. The thermometer has moved from freezing to fabulous and our palates have changed as well. Out with the hot and heavy dishes, and in with lighter fare that’s loaded […]

Single Serving Healthy Desserts

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The sweet tooth is strong with this one. Savory foods I can pass by – but when it comes to dessert, I’m a lost cause. I can’t get enough of that sweet, sugary goodness. It’s not good for me, I know – but you can’t help who you love. And I love me some sweets. […]