Coconut Water: Why It\'s A Trend That\'s Here To Stay

coconut water

Have you ever tried coconut water after a sweaty workout, or added it to any of your smoothies? I’m sure you’ve opened a tabloid and have seen a fit celebrity, such as Giselle Bundchen, leaving a workout, gulping down her refreshing coconut water! Coconut water is wonderful to add into your diet because it’s low [...]

Sleep Better: #SleepNumber Chat 10/30 9pm ET

Sleep Number chat

Exercise. Nutrition. And sleep. You know that getting quality rest time is the third component of the healthy living trifecta, but do you prioritize sleep the way you do exercise and diet— especially during the busiest days of the year? We’re rounding the bases towards the holidays and sponsor Sleep Number has tips to help you sleep [...]

FRS® Energy + Endurance: Kickstart Your Inner Champion #IOwnThis

Slider FRS

sponsored by FRS® Energy + Endurance. Make sure to enter our giveaway below! Crossing the finish line. Pulling a PR. Crushing a WOD. Scaling a peak. What are the moments that make you think: I OWN THIS! FRS® Energy + Endurance helps get you there, with improved athletic performance, increased mental function and immune system [...]

Video: How to Count Macros

How to Calculate Macronutrients

There’s a strong movement in the health and fitness world away from counting calories specifically and toward counting macronutrients (or macros) instead. You may have even seen the accompanying hashtag— because everything has a hashtag these days— #iifym, which stands for “if it fits your macros” and wondered how to do  it yourself. The term [...]

Turn up the Heat Cardio & Core Workout

Turn up the Heat Cardio & Core Workout

sponsored by Advanced Molecular Labs Ready to turn up the heat on your core? This HIIT workout from Steve Pfiester elevates your core training with five different core moves followed by lateral raises (so pull out those bands or other form of resistance like some dumbbells). HIIT workouts “turn up the heat” like the thermogenic Thermo [...]

Tech or Treat! #ConnectedLife Chat 10/27 2pm ET

Father and daughter (6-7) using mobile phone

Halloween is Friday— the unofficial kickoff of the holiday season! Are you ready? We’re chatting with sponsor Verizon about apps that keep us entertained, safe and in the holiday spirit; seasonal decorating, capturing those special moments and more during this week’s lunchtime chat. One lucky chatter will receive a cool tech treat: a Bluetooth UE [...]

#FFWellness Challenge Week Four: Fitness!


Where did October go? We’re down to our fourth and final week of our #FFWellness 4 Week Wellness Challenge sponsored by Grokker and your last chance to win a Grokker Prize Pack with lululemon gift card! This challenge is intended to inspire you to create your personal wellness habit: to find a little time to do something good for [...]

Top Ten Ways to Build Lean Muscle Fast and Efficiently


Forget complicated diets and three-hour gym sessions. Score the sculpted body and toned physique you’ve always wanted by following these better, smarter rules to building lean muscle.   #1 Eat, Eat, Eat Working a muscle tears the tissue, it then repairs and grows. Muscles need to be fed in order to allow them to grow. Basically [...]

10 Workouts for Sculpted Arms and Shoulders + a Power Playlist

10 workouts for sculpted arms & shoulders

Hey guys! It’s time to sweat again. Last week we focused on the lower body and booty. Now we’re shifting our attention to the muscle groups of the upper body, targeting the arms and shoulders. Before you get started on these workouts, make sure you take a moment to read our safety statement and check with your [...]

Turn Up the Heat Leg Workout

Turn Up the Heat Fat Burning Leg Workout

sponsored by Advanced Molecular Labs Looking to build strong, sculpted legs? You’re probably already incorporating exercises like walking lunges, leg presses and leg extensions into your leg day routine. But if you’re striving for more definition, it may be time to turn up the heat! In this workout, Steve Pfiester of PFITblog pairs your favorite leg [...]

#AskFF: Guide to RunDisney Disneyland Races


The inaugural runDisney Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend will take place November 14-16 at the Disneyland Resort in California. While there are many runDisney races on both coasts, each has their own unique qualities and they all draw quite a crowd, including many first time runners. Whether you are a first time half marathoner [...]