Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday Deals & Steals from FitFluential

What’s better than shopping for amazing health & fitness deals? Shopping for amazing health & fitness deals AT HOME! Get your coffee, hot cocoa and a comfy pair of pajamas, these fitness-inspired Cyber Monday sales are not to be missed! Act fast – all Cyber Monday deals included below are limited time offers. Kohl’s Get an EXTRA 20% […]

Black Friday Deals

Grab these health and fitness Black Friday deals before they're gone!

It’s time to shop ’til you drop, because it is officially Black Friday! These Black Friday deals are huge bargains, and we’ve compiled a list of special offers that won’t be around for very long – so read through and act fast! Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts Get 30% off our entire website with promo code: […]

Right to Bare Arms

Get the right to bare arms! This superset workout will pump you up and keep you lean. Target the biceps and triceps with these 4 supersets.

For most people developing a great set of arms requires a lot more than simply banging out set after set of bicep curls. Don’t get me wrong, curls are important but unless you have magical genetics, curls alone won’t cut it. In addition to training the two muscles of the bicep, the triceps should also […]

Damage Control Thanksgiving Day Workout

Damage Control Thanksgiving Day Workout

  this post contains affiliate links Try this HIIT workout, and scroll down to get 6 more free workouts from Jeremy Scott! Damage Control Thanksgiving Day Workout Thanksgiving Day aka “National Cheat” on your diet day in the US. Every year for our athletes at Jeremy Scott Fitness we put on amazing 40 minute damage […]

Simple Skillet Avocado Brownies

Simple Skillet Avocado Brownies

  Ooey, gooey, irresistible avocado brownies baked up in an iron skillet for extra deliciousness! You’d never guess, but these fudgy brownies also happen to be grain-free, dairy-free and Paleo. Surprisingly, this decadent sweet treat is made up of mostly all good-for-you wholesome ingredients. Almond flour/meal works so well to make a gluten-free super fudgy […]

Gift Guide for Runners (His & Hers)

Not sure what to get the runner in your life? Check out our gift guides! Sure to please even the most difficult runner, these gift ideas will knock their compression socks off.

While all they want might be a new PR, you can’t exactly buy that. So for the runner in your life, we’ve compiled a list of gifts they’ll love! This holiday season, skip the gift card and find a present for your favorite runner that will make them sprint for joy. Runners aren’t the easiest […]

Holiday Workouts

Don't burn the casserole - burn calories with these Holiday Workouts

Don’t burn the casserole – burn some calories! These holiday-themed workouts are festive and fun while still challenging. You’ll just have so much fun doing them that you won’t even notice how much you’re sweating! These holiday workouts can be done anywhere, no equipment necessary. They’re the perfect way to get moving before a holiday […]

Make Ahead Frozen Smoothie Packs

Make Ahead Frozen Smoothie Packs

Wyman’s has a passion for and commitment to sustainable agriculture. All fruits & vegetables are responsibly grown, to continuously improve the stewardship of both natural and human resources. They even protect the honeybees, a core piece of the organization.  Convenience food….people love it. And who’s to blame them? We are presented with so many choices these days that it’s hard […]

Healthy Thanksgiving Day Foods

Thanksgiving food swaps

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?! I can say without a doubt that the traditional Thanksgiving day meal is something I look forward to all year. While I know that I’ll be indulging a little bit, I also know that I’m not going to gorge myself and fall into a tryptophan coma. Those days are behind […]

Be An Active Traveler: Airport, Car & Hotel Room Workout Tips

Be An Active Traveler: Airport, Car & Hotel Room Workout Tips plus a hotel room workout that burns fat and requiers absolutely no equipment!″

Planes, trains and automobiles are making their way across America in full force this time of year. Whether you’re traveling to visit family or just to take a break from the daily grind, the holidays always bring good cheer and lots of travel time. You’ve heard us say it time and time again that you don’t have […]

How to Snack Healthy During the Holidays


There’s so much to love about the holidays – family, friends, food and good spirits – but there’s also that one little factor that always seems to sneak up on us. The dreaded holiday weight gain. It seems to happen no matter how hard we try, but why? Between going from party to party and […]