Bust A Move: 90′s Playlist for August


    The 90′s. Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that N’Sync and B Spears were rocking the radio stations? 90′s music is definitely my favorite era to motivate me during a workout. I love that I can remember all of the words to some of my childhood favorites. If I had a choice, I [...]

Keeping Up with Fitness While Traveling: #ChevyFitTrip Chat 8/19 9pm EST


    We have the best of intentions, right? But it can be hard to find the motivation or energy to stick to our exercise routine or healthy diet once we’re on the road or on vacation. What are your best tips and tricks for staying healthy and active when you’re away from home? Let [...]

Get Ready for Fall, Football and More: #ConnectedLife Chat 8/18 2pm EST

verizon-chat (2)

      Are you ready for some football… and all of the other awesome things you associate with fall? How are you planning to spend your remaining days of summer? How does your mobile device help you stay connected to what’s going on so you can get the most of your days?   Join us [...]

31 Healthy Recipes for Fish and Seafood Lovers


  Photo credits: Fit Foodie Finds, Strength and Sunshine, Purely Twins, Nosh and Nourish   I’m especially excited to share this delicious recipe roundup with you guys. Seafood is a favorite of mine! These photos look completely irresistible, don’t they? Many seafood options have health benefits that make them excellent choices for your diet. The American [...]

Fitness Roundup: Kettlebells for Dummies

kettlebell roundup

  PHOTO CREDIT Monica Nelson Fitness   Have you invested in a kettlebell yet for your home workouts? Or maybe you’ve seen them at the gym and thought about giving them a try? If you’re a seasoned swinger or a total newbie, this post on kettlebells is for you! Exercises performed with kettlebells are considered functional movements because they mimic the [...]

Healthy Options on the Go: #GetYourVeggieOn Chat 8/15 3:30pm EST


sponsored by SUBWAY®   You’ve heard it time and time again… abs are made in the kitchen. But you’re not always in your kitchen. You’re on the road or at work; on vacation or just on your way (and quite possibly running late). And too-frequent takeout can take its toll on your wallet and your [...]

5 Tips for Healthy Eating On-The-Go

Smart choices subway final

   sponsored by Subway   1. Mind over matter.  When you’re traveling, or just navigating through your daily to-do list of responsibilities, you’re encountering stress. Many of us ‘stress eaters’ turn to food in times like these. Chances are, the choices of a stress-eater will not be ideal for your health. When you feel your blood [...]

Ask Us Anything #AskFF


    What’s the best time of day to work out? What foods should I avoid when trying to lose weight? How about working out on an empty stomach—yes or no? Which exercises will help me perform better in sports?   Ever wanted to ask a question of an expert in the field of health and fitness? [...]

How Do You #PrepareToPerform? Twitter Chat 8/13 9pm EST


    Performance, whether it’s in the gym or in life, takes planning and preparation. How do YOU prepare to perform? In what ways do you act proactively for success? Join us as we chat with sponsor Formulation One Nutrition about what we can do to be more efficient and maximize performance, in the gym [...]

We’re Talking Tech in Schools: #ConnectedLife 8/11 9pm EST

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    August means back to school! When making up your back to school shopping list, don’t forget your local Verizon store. (Or online store, open 24/7! Isn’t technology wonderful?) The world has changed so much in a few decades, and a solid foundation in tech will be essential for our kids’ futures. How does your [...]

Healthy Packable Lunch Ideas


  It’s better to be prepared than sorry when it comes to food because no one likes a hangry person. If you’ve ever been hangry, you know what we are talking about…so hungry that you are angry. Yup, it’s not a very good feeling! There is nothing worse than forgetting to pack a lunch and [...]

The Road to the Reebok Spartan Race World Championship Sweepstakes


    Are you ready to Spartan up? The Reebok Spartan World Championship is 13+ miles of obstacles, tough terrain and leaving your comfort zone behind. This year’s event takes place September 20-21 at the Killington Resort in Vermont— registration is CLOSED but there’s still a way to see how it feels to cross that [...]

27 At Home Workouts to Try

27 at home workouts

  Collage photo credits:  purelytwins.com, blondeponytail.com, cottercrunch.com, fitfoodiefinds.com   Working out at home is every bit as effective as going to the gym. With little to no equipment, you can work on strengthening all your major muscle groups and improving your cardiovascular health. The only limit is your imagination, so we’ve rounded up some home workout inspiration for [...]

Midweek Motivation: Make Success Mandatory

Big Girl Panties FF

  Zig Ziglar put it perfectly: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily!” At FitFluential, we believe in the power of a like-minded community to motivate and inspire continued effort and improvement. Since a picture is worth a thousand words— we’ll let them speak for [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Body After Baby 

Jess Allen FitFluential Transformation Body after Baby

    On June 11, 2013, I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl, Jada Ruth. My whole world changed. Priorities shifted. Sleep disappeared. My needs took a back seat to this little person.     And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s what happens when you become a parent. But, I [...]

Education and the #ConnectedLife: Lunchtime Chat 8/4 2pm EST

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    Advancements in tech have made back-to-school and learning a wholly different experience than it was just a couple decades ago. How do you (or your kids) use tech in the classroom and at home? What’s on your tech wishlist this school year? Join us and sponsor Verizon Wireless as we talk about back-to-school [...]

Recipes for Healthy Snacking


  We know sometimes healthy eating can be overwhelming, but that’s why we are big advocates of meal prep and planning! For example, if you take a few hours on your Sunday night to prepare healthy meals and snacks for the week, it should be much easier to make healthy choices during the week. If [...]

Take the August Fresh Air Fitness Challenge! #FFOutside


    Can you believe we are entering the last month of Summer? Before the warmer temps are gone for good, we want to get outside and enjoy them as much as possible. This month we’ve partnered with our sponsor Mizuno to bring you the Fresh Air Fitness Challenge. In August our challenge to you is: get outside and [...]