The Connected Home: Smarter, Safer, More Efficient and Fun! #ConnectedLife Chat 9/22 9pm ET


    Slipping a spare key under a flowerpot… Carrying your boom box from room to room (and taping songs off the radio!)… Getting up to change the channel… Asking a neighbor to close the curtains and turn on the lights at night when you’re away…   These are all things we don’t have to [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Michelle Carlson


    Writing one’s story can always seem like a daunting task. What made me do it? I believe my story is not so different from many others. I have to be willing to share it in order to help others overcome the same things I have faced…. Weight and extremely poor self esteem were [...]

The Ultimate Healthy Bread Recipe Round-Up


  Let’s start with a disclaimer. Paleo and low-carb friends: this post is NOT for you. It’s a celebration of bread in all its glorious forms. Biscuits, muffins and scones…..oh my! Humans have had a love affair with bread for thousands of years. According to The History Channel – it’s the most widely consumed food [...]

How To Choose The Right Kettlebell


    Do you know which kettlebell is right for you? You will see many different styles of kettlebells, but do you know which one is right for you?     The Cast Iron Kettlebell These are the standard style of  kettlebells. They are usually black and made of cast  iron. Their round shape is [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Jenny Grothe


    My name is Jenny Grothe. Some of you are familiar with my story. I’m guessing the majority of you are not. Three years ago I was 170 pounds. That was September 2007 – really not that long ago. Now thinking back I can’t believe how much has changed in such a short period [...]

Talk Like a Pirate Day! (Sweat Like One Too with This Workout)


  On International Talk Like a Pirate Day, why would you ever want to workout like you do every other single day of the year? Whether it’s CrossFit, strength training on machines, or with free weights, doing an endurance workout, or something at home, we all know that you’re going to do the same workout as [...]

Fitness Roundup: 12 Strength and Circuit Workouts

Workouts strength and circuits

  Photo credit:   This week’s fitness roundup features a dozen FitFluential Ambassador posts consisting of strength and circuit workouts. Before you get started getting your sweat on this week— take a moment to read our statement here to make sure these moves are right for you. Circuit workouts will consist of a variety of different moves [...]

The Importance of Youth Sports: A Coach’s Perspective

Team-Sports (1)

  About two months ago, I received a call from one of my former athletes. I was her high school cross country coach. She graduated in 2010, has finished her junior year of college, and is taking the semester off to earn a little money. She asked how cross country practice was going, and if [...]

Exercising Smart and with a Purpose: #TeamPolar Chat 9/18 9pm ET

polar-chat (1)

      What are your goals when you exercise? How do you tailor your fitness efforts to your goals? And how do you find time for that fitness in your busy schedule?   Join us as we chat with sponsor Polar about exercising smart and with a purpose, and how we find time to [...]

Ask FF: Why Am I Sore After Some Workouts? What Foods Speed Recovery?


    @est4679 asked us on Twitter: Some weeks I seem more sore from workouts. Does it fluctuate or did I work diff muscles? Also-any foods/nutrients that help? When your muscles are sore, you can thank lactic acid. Lactic acid is a totally normal byproduct of muscle metabolism, i.e. when you ask your muscles to [...]

fitaborate: The Perfect Solution for Working Out from Home


  Find the best fitness videos, invite your friends and workout together for free! fitaborate is The First Real Fitness Platform where you can experience online workouts in a fun, interactive and trackable way. This brand spanking new live online platform curates a variety of group classes and workouts with personal trainers, from Jillian Michaels and [...]

Quick and Easy Dinners for Hectic Schedules

pizza-salad (1)

  Between the kid’s band practice, dog walking, a library run, and your 5 p.m. Zumba class, you might be tempted to hit the drive-thru for the family dinner. That doesn’t have to be the case. We’re here to tell you that you can put together a (somewhat) home-cooked quick, easy and healthy meal in [...]

Video: How to Make Cauliflower Rice


    If you follow a paleo or low-carb diet, you have probably already heard of cauliflower rice. Even if you do not follow any particular eating plan, you probably still have a Pinterest board full of recipes calling for or based around cauliflower rice. Maybe you have even bought cauliflower with every intention of finally [...]

Getting Kids Active After School: HOW and WHY


    Today’s children are the first generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.”, via Nike Design to Move 2014   According to a poll conducted by Fox News, a lack of exercise in children is the number one concern of American parents. That’s because 80.2 million people in the United [...]

Printable Kid’s Lunchbox Meal Ideas


  Every September, millions of parents around the world are lured into buying overly sweetened, overly processed and overly unhealthy grocery store merchandise (you can’t even call this stuff food, so I won’t) in an attempt to fill up their kids’ lunch-boxes (and bellies).  Sometimes as parents, we cave in to our kids’ demands; other times, we fall [...]

Parenting in a Digital World: #ConnectedLife 9/15 2pm EST

verizon-chat (3)

    Parenting is tough! It’s a whole new world from the one we grew up in. The explosion of the internet and the extent to which digital media touches every part of our lives means parents have to stay on their toes to keep up with the latest advancements and the latest concerns. How [...]

Cozy and Warm Drinks for Fall

hot drinks for Fall

  Photo credit:,,,,   It’s that time of year when the temperatures drop and the leaves start to turn. We put away our shorts and flip-flops and exchange them for boots and jeans! It’s the season of pumpkin patches, apple orchards, hayrides and trick or treat. The flavors of Fall [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Kyra Williams, The Get In Shape Girl


    You may know me now as The Get In Shape Girl, but I have not always been a fitness goddess. My life-changing transformation did not begin until a few years later, but I would not be able to fully tell this story without giving up the background goods. In the year 2000 I [...]