Fitness Saved Me


Without hesitation, I can honestly say: Fitness saved my life. This simple, four word sentence will probably be misconstrued by many who read it. Critics will say that it’s impossible for fitness to save someone’s life because it’s not a person, medical procedure or lifesaving medicine. The idealists out there will accept this statement as […]

Pineapple Protein Ice Cream Recipe

pineapple protein ice cream

We’ve never been to Disney – but I hear the Dole Whip at the Magic Kingdom is all the rage! If you’re a fan of that light and tasty frozen treat, you’ll love this recipe. It’s sweet, full of flavor – and SO good for you.  A serving of fruit and a healthy dose of […]

Know Your Veggies

know your veggies

  It’s no secret that vegetables are great for you. They’re basically the healthiest thing in the world, right? So what’s the nutrition like? Ummm… what? We know veggies are good for us, but do we actually know our veggies? Knowing something is good for you is one thing, but knowing some of the nutrition […]

Full Body Sandbag Workout Video

sandbag workout

Have you tried sandbag workouts yet? They’re an amazingly effective way to build muscle with functional movements, as well as training you metabolically.  You can choose the size and weight of the sandbag that’s right for you, and your current goals and fitness level. Check out this video from Ultimate Sandbag Training. It starts with […]

Get Up & Go: Morning Workout Tips

DB morning slider

 The following post is sponsored by DailyBurn, Inc. Don’t you dare hit that snooze button – it’s time to get up and work out! While waking up at the crack of dawn doesn’t seem ideal, working out in the morning is one of the best things you can do for your body. Not only are […]

Stay The Path

slider calia

#StayThePath with CALIA by Carrie Underwood. You are on the right path. Stick with it. When it comes to fitness we are all on different journeys. Maybe you’re new to exercising, and maybe you just ran your 5th marathon. The point is: no matter where you are, you are on the right path. And all […]

Real Food, Real Good Recipes for Memorial Day

real food real good slider

Sponsored by NOW Foods, helping you #NOWGetFit. Memorial Day marks the kick off to summer entertaining, so make it all about healthier, real foods that are packed with nutrition and flavor.  We’ve got some crowd-pleasing inspiration for you, straight from Chef Suzy Singh and the NOW® Culinary Innovation Center. Heavenly Hibiscus Sangria (Mocktail) Sweet and […]

Tropical Protein Granita

prohydrate slider

#TryAboutTime with the all new ProHydrate. Sponsored by About Time. Giveaway below. You may remember water ice or snow cones from the days of youth- I can’t remember a summer without them. Block parties and neighborhood festivals just weren’t complete without a snow cone stand cranking out sugary sweet, ice cold treats. But since “blue […]

HIIT Workout with Kettlebells


This post includes a complete Kettlebell HIIT workout, plus other sample cardio HIIT workout drills to try. High Intensity Interval Workouts are fast and efficient ways to maximize fat and calorie burn. You’ll work harder,  but for a shorter amount of time, with brief rest periods. Add kettlebells to your HIIT workouts to take things […]

5 Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation


Sponsored by ZIG Portable Protein. #WhereDoYouZIG? Vacation season is upon us! Whether you’re looking forward to sitting on the beach, strolling city streets, or planning a stay-cation in your own town, tis the season to enjoy time off and sunny skies. There ain’t nothing wrong with taking a little break, but let’s be careful not to turn […]

#MakeYourMove to Host the Perfect Memorial Day Cookout

Host a Memorial Day Cookout

In 2015, we’ve partnered with Kohl’s for the #MakeYourMove campaign. We want to know how you plan to #MakeYourMove toward a healthier you. Nothing screams “summer celebration” like a cookout. And with Memorial Day coming up, it’s the perfect opportunity bust out the grill and enjoy a bit of outdoor fun! If you’re planning on […]

4 Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau


Get 20% off and free shipping from #BowflexBody below. Sponsored by Bowflex. The most frustrating thing to happen in fitness is the plateau. The dreaded plateau, feared by most and experienced by all. At some point we all hit a wall where the pounds just don’t want to come off and the results seem to stop dead […]

Green Smoothie recipe and more goodness from NOW Foods

Eat real organic foods with NOW

 Sponsored by NOW Foods®. Enter the giveaway below! How often do you get a chance to actually see and experience first-hand where your favorite foods, supplements, and personal care products come from? Together with a group of our FitFluential Ambassadors, I recently had a chance to do just that. Read Treble In the Kitchen’s recap of […]