New to Running? 5 Things You Should Know


Have you decided to make running part of your fitness routine in 2015? If you are new to the sport, here are a few tips to help you on your journey. Sponsored by SKINS Compression   5 Tips For New Runners 1. Equipment matters. Invest in a quality pair of running shoes that fit your feet […]

21 Healthy Hummus Recipes


Sponsored by Blendtec “Hummus is yummus,” as the kids say (mine do, anyway). Traditionally, hummus is made with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, garlic and a bit of lemon juice blended together to create an creamy dip that’s addictive and packed with good fats. The wonderful thing about such a simple recipe is that there is […]

5 Creative Ways To Use Vegan Protein Powder In Your Eats!

5 Ways To Use Vegan Protein Powder by Kasey Arena

Sponsored by About Time Hey all! It’s Kasey Arena here sharing with you five ways to incorporate vegan protein powder into your meals. Growing up, my mom would “sneak” protein powder into our pancake mix to make them “powercakes”— that’s where the name of my blog originally came from. Nowadays, incorporating protein powder into your […]

Work Out at Home This Winter: Plus a Push Harder Playlist

home workouts run pretty blog presley

  Don’t feel like braving the cold? Stay nice and cozy in your home with these workouts! They’ll be sure to warm you up and get you feeling nice and toasty in no time. And, of course, they’ll get you in shape. What more could you ask for?   Because these winter weeks can become […]

Our Top Picks for Back Health


In the past weeks we’ve learned so much about preventing and alleviating back pain, thanks to our partner Relax The Back. Just a sampling of the topics we’ve covered: The Main Cause of Back Pain How to Avoid Work Related Back Pain The Best Sleep Positions for Your Back DOs and DON’Ts of an Ergonomic Workstation […]

Must-Have Supplements


Sponsored by NOW Foods As a follow up to my Must-Have Dietary Ingredients blog post, I wanted to share several additional supplements, which have been instrumental in improving my health, wellness and athletic performance. As with all supplements, it’s important to remember that there is no replacement for a sensible diet comprised of: lean protein, carbohydrates […]

21 Healthier Super Snacks for the Big Game

21 Healthy Superbowl snacks

Follow Slim Sanity with Bloglovin’   Game Day Snacks Made Healthier Let’s be honest. For most of us, the Super Bowl isn’t about football. It’s about the halftime show and the commercials. It’s also an excuse to have a party and get together with friends. And if we’re being really honest, it’s definitely about the […]

Beware the Substitution Trap: Stick to Your Workout and Eating Plan

Stick to your healthy habits to see results

  Deep down everyone knows what we should be eating.   What you eat either moves you closer or further from your goals. From goals of ripped abs, maybe a flat stomach, or just to feel good— food is a large part of the equation. When you break it down to its most basic level it’s […]

Pizza Recipes Made Healthier

pizza slider

Pizza. Just the mention of it makes you hungry. Well, fellow pizza lovers, today is your day. We’ve rounded up the most drool-worthy pizza recipes for your viewing and cooking pleasure. Healthy or indulgent, savory or sweet, we’ve got ‘em all so you can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Who knew pizza could be […]

#MakeYourMove Total Body Workout


In 2015, we’re partnering with Kohl’s for the #MakeYourMove campaign. We want to know what your 2015 goals are and how you plan to #MakeYourMove toward a healthier you. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or increase flexibility, there’s one thing that’s key to achieving these goals: exercise. The great thing is that […]

Top 10 Tips for Instagram: Leverage Instagram for Your Small Business

Top Ten Tips for Instagram

Today we’re continuing our informative series on various social media outlets. First, Fit Foodie Finds shared How to Start a Blog (in 30 minutes or Less), then The Healthy Maven shared her top tips for Food Photography. Now— we shift the focus to Instagram, a social media growing in popularity with brands and consumers alike. Hi […]

The Best Kettlebell Moves For Beginners

lisa balash slider

  Everywhere you look you might find a kettlebell now and see someone doing a kettlebell swing. Ever since the kettlebell has appeared in gyms and numerous fitness magazines, people have been singing its praises. The Top Benefits Of Kettlebells Weight loss Coordination Functional Training Stabilization Balance Aerobic Training Anaerobic Training These things are necessary for […]

Clean Eating Shopping List

Clean Eating Shopping List

Moving towards cleaner eating in 2015? You’ll never regret making better choices for a more nutritious diet. Not only will you begin to feel better, you’ll start to see the results once you incorporate better changes into your diet as a regular habit. Don’t neglect exercise, but remember that you can’t out-train a bad diet. […]

How I Made a Whole Dinner in a Blendtec (with Appetizer and Dessert)

How I Made a Whole Dinner in a Blender (with Appetizer and Dessert) using a Blendtec!

Sponsored by Blendtec The second I unboxed this beautiful piece of machinery, I couldn’t help but thumb through the enclosed Blendtec recipe booklets, envisioning all the meals and snacks that would don our dining table created by this beast of a blender. I mean, can you even call it a blender, when it truly is […]

Cardio & Strength Workouts for the Home or Gym

home workouts slider

Workout inspiration, just in time for the weekend. Whether you want to hit the gym or get your sweat on at home, we’ve rounded up some fun workouts to get you going. These energizing, do-anywhere workouts offer up the best in cardio and strength training, so you can run, lift, squat, or crunch your way a little […]

Whey Protein is The Whey in 2015


  Sponsored by About Time As a member of the GNC Medical Advisory Board and the editor of Muscular Development’s Supplement Performance column, I am frequently questioned about what supplement works best. I respond by saying your response to supplements totally depends on your health, level of training, diet, and goals. However, there really is […]