19 Track Workouts


Ready to hit the track? It’s time to get faster, and lighter on your feet. Check out this fresh batch of track drills from the FitFluential Ambassadors. 19 Track Workouts Speed Workouts for Beginners from Run to the Finish Flashback Fitness from Healthy Helper Conditioning Sprint Workout from Jeremy Scott: 3 Track Workouts to run […]

Sweat Safe: What To Pack For the Beach

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We’ve partnered with Neutrogena to let you know about the innovative and highly recommended CoolDry Sport Sunscreen, so that you can #PushFurther in your summertime workouts and activities. From our childhood days of building sandcastles and chasing waves to our Frisbee, volleyball and sun-day fun days of the present, the beach has always been our favorite destination for […]

July FitFluential Challenge: #FF100

#FF100 FitFluential Challenge

Are you up for the challenge? Prizes provided by MPG Mondetta Performance Gear! Enter to win below. July is almost here, and it’s time to give it 100! 100 reps. Every day. Are you ready?! Here’s how it works: Do the move of the day 100 times throughout the day. Reps do not have to […]

Full Body Circuit Workout

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Photos by Michael Sieckzo Ever wish you had a chance to workout with a trainer to the stars? Now’s your chance! Celebrity trainer Valerie Waters has created a full body circuit workout for you that’s sure to challenge all your major muscle groups. The only thing you’ll need is your ValSlides, so let’s get to […]

Why Yin Yoga Rocks! 10 Yin Yoga Poses


    Several years ago I was walking through a cross walk in downtown LA and all of a sudden I noticed a car racing directly at me. Within a fraction of a second (think The Matrix!) my brain had computed my best option was to jump straight up into the air. So I did […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Katie Freeman

Weight Loss before and after

Katie Freeman battled with depression until she found fitness. Now, she is living a healthy lifestyle for herself, her family, and to inspire others. Read her weight loss story.  My story started out as a pretty dark one. I’ve been overweight and very unhealthy my whole life. I suffered from depression and poor self esteem. […]

Power Plank Workout

Power Plank Workout

Sponsored by CALIA by Carrie Underwood #StayThePath. Join the Twitter chat tonight (6/30) at 9pm EST! Photos by Michael Sieczko In our last post with partner CALIA by Carrie Underwood, we showed you how to progress up to a Pistol Squat. How’s it going with that challenge? This time around, we’re moving up from the […]

16 No Beef Burger Recipes

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Today we’re branching out and proving that burgers are not all about the beef. We’ve got turkey, chicken, black bean, quinoa and even chickpea burgers for you to try.  So grab some buns and your favorite toppings, and get ready to enjoy a nutritious meal that’s anything but boring. photo credits: NOW Foods, Aris Menu […]

Mindfulness: 5 Reasons You Should Hit the Pause Button

5 Reasons You Should Hit the Pause Button

5 Reasons You Should Hit the Pause Button Never underestimate the power of taking time for a mindfulness break. Greetings friends, grab a hot cup of green tea and join us for a 5 minute Yoga Snack™ about the benefits of mindfulness in everyday life. I’m often asked about how to clear and unclutter the […]

13 Ways to Eat Strawberries

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It’s strawberry pickin’ season! An annual rite of Summer, it’s a favorite activity for adults and kids alike. The smell and taste of fresh picked berries just can’t be beat. 13 Ways to Eat Strawberries Collage photo credit: No Nonsense Nutritionist, Uproot from Oregon, Jenna Braddock, Run Wiki, Tasting Page Now that you’ve got your […]

Fit Pregnancy workouts and tips


Pregnancy is an incredible chapter of life – full of emotions and new experiences. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices and details to attend to during those nine months. Keeping up with all the changes in your body can be exhausting. Go easy on yourself, and remember to adjust your expectations and give […]

20 Recipes with Lime

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Something about the Summer months just makes us crave that refreshing flavor of lime.  Packed with Vitamin C – limes provide a citrusy, tangy flavor boost to drinks, desserts and more. Check out this roundup of recipes featuring one of our favorite flavors for warm months – LIME! Limes are the perfect citrus to keep […]

8 Diet Tips to keep food off your mind


How to keep food off your mind and your hips By Bonnie Pfiester   Keep It Simple Stupid   In my experience, people don’t have trouble going on a diet – they have trouble sticking to it. Unlike many other things in life, food is not something you can really avoid. Ironically, the more we try […]

27 Recipes for Your 4th of July Menu

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  Fireworks, fireflies, and long days; it’s summertime and the living is easy! The 4th of July is one of the best times to gather your friends and and family together for a BBQ. The weather is perfect, so crank up the grill, pour the lemonade and let’s celebrate the red, white and blue with delicious food […]