Top Ten Ways to Build Lean Muscle Fast and Efficiently


Forget complicated diets and three-hour gym sessions. Score the sculpted body and toned physique you’ve always wanted by following these better, smarter rules to building lean muscle.   #1 Eat, Eat, Eat Working a muscle tears the tissue, it then repairs and grows. Muscles need to be fed in order to allow them to grow. Basically [...]

10 Workouts for Sculpted Arms and Shoulders + a Power Playlist

10 workouts for sculpted arms & shoulders

Hey guys! It’s time to sweat again. Last week we focused on the lower body and booty. Now we’re shifting our attention to the muscle groups of the upper body, targeting the arms and shoulders. Before you get started on these workouts, make sure you take a moment to read our safety statement and check with your [...]

Turn Up the Heat Leg Workout

Turn Up the Heat Fat Burning Leg Workout

sponsored by Advanced Molecular Labs Looking to build strong, sculpted legs? You’re probably already incorporating exercises like walking lunges, leg presses and leg extensions into your leg day routine. But if you’re striving for more definition, it may be time to turn up the heat! In this workout, Steve Pfiester of PFITblog pairs your favorite leg [...]

#AskFF: Guide to RunDisney Disneyland Races


The inaugural runDisney Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend will take place November 14-16 at the Disneyland Resort in California. While there are many runDisney races on both coasts, each has their own unique qualities and they all draw quite a crowd, including many first time runners. Whether you are a first time half marathoner [...]

Finding Motivation and Your Momentum (Giveaway and Discount Code!)


What moves you? What keeps you motivated to keep going? It’s easy to lose your mojo or get sidetracked by all the distractions of daily life: a busy schedule, a sidelining illness or injury, a vacation causing a change in routine. And the longer you go without the starting back up again, the harder it [...]

espnW: Women + Sports Summit Recap

espnw slider

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the annual espnW: Women + Sports Summit presented by Toyota in the gorgeous Dana Point, California. I was joined by some incredible athletes and leaders in women’s sports and listened in on discussions, presentations, and expert panels focused on the influence athletes and business leaders have on [...]

World Series Workout


Baseball fans, rejoice: it’s World Series time! Instead of sitting on your couch each night, try this bodyweight workout that mixes high and low intensity exercises with different situations throughout the game. The movements are described below. Modifications are also included if you prefer a little less impact or more of a challenge! Burpees Starting [...]

Time to #GetYourVeggieOn! 10/20 10:30am ET


How’s your diet? For many of us, the exercise is the easy part of a healthy lifestyle; it’s keeping nutrition on point that’s tough. Add in long commutes, busy schedules and the temptations of the upcoming holiday season— consistently sticking to healthy choices can seem daunting. How do you eat healthily, especially when you’re on [...]

#FFWellness Challenge Week Three: Meditation

Grokker Meditation

  This week we’re focusing on meditation. Do you feel like your day, every day, is go-go-go? Always feel distracted or like you’re forgetting something? Stressed out for no particular reason, or too many reasons to count? Some may be inclined to discount it as a New Age fad, but meditation has been practiced for thousands [...]