Our Top Picks for Back Health


In the past weeks we’ve learned so much about preventing and alleviating back pain, thanks to our partner Relax The Back. Just a sampling of the topics we’ve covered: The Main Cause of Back Pain How to Avoid Work Related Back Pain The Best Sleep Positions for Your Back DOs and DON’Ts of an Ergonomic Workstation […]

Ten Ways to #MakeYourMove to Healthier Eating

Make Your Move for a healthier diet

Sponsored by Kohl’s You’re probably familiar with the expressions “eat the rainbow,” “abs are made in the kitchen” and “you can’t out train a bad diet.” Your daily food choices matter, when it comes to appearance and performance. Improving what you put into your body can have a dramatic effect on what you can get […]

You Need to Try These Homemade Nut Butter Recipes

Slider Nut Butters

Sponsored by Blendtec Sometimes you feel like a nut (butter). And why not? Nuts are a source of protein, contain vitamins and minerals and are chock-full of heart healthy omega 3s, the “good” fat. Process nuts into a creamy, spreadable butter consistency and you’ll love it smeared on bread, incorporated into recipes or licked shamelessly […]

The Benefits of Stretching & Foam Rolling


Sponsored by Relax The Back Who couldn’t go for a massage right now? Massage works wonders for relieving tension and pain and is valuable “you time.” For athletes, massage can treat overworked or injured muscles, prevent new injuries, increase flexibility and joint mobility, and hasten recovery time between workouts. If that sounds ideal but you don’t have the time or […]

Explore Your Passion with Enterprise Plus Your Points


Sponsored by Enterprise Whether you are exploring your local area or pursuing a passion, Enterprise is there for the trips that matter the most to you. We asked Ambassador Lisa Balash to take us on a tour to show us Las Vegas and tell us about her passion for fitness. Lisa started her trip by […]

Build Your Own Green Smoothie + 10 Recipes to Try


Sponsored by Blendtec. Enter our giveaway below! Photo Credit: Katrina Runs Most of us tend to be pretty good about adding fruits to our diet— they’re sweet and tasty in their natural state. Adults should be getting 2-3 cups of vegetables each week, with an emphasis on those powerhouse superfoods, dark leafy greens: chock full […]

Resolutions to Help You Stay Active and Pain Free this New Year


Sponsored by Relax The Back Did you resolve to get (more) fit and healthy this year? We hope so! Inactivity is the fourth biggest risk factor for death in adults worldwide, according to the World Health Organization; only half of American women and 40% of men were sufficiently active. Committing to a regular exercise routine and […]

There’s No Better Time to #MakeYourMove

kohls option

The #1 resolution set in 2013 was to lose weight— edging out more holistic goals like enjoying life to the fullest, staying fit & healthy, helping others with their dreams and spending more time with family. In fact, two-thirds of New Year’s resolutions pertain to health and fitness, but in the past only 8% of people considered […]

Best of 2014 Workout Playlist (with Jabra Giveaway)


Sponsored by Jabra. Enter our Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones giveaway below! It’s time for 2015! Celebrate the year that was with one last sweat session to the tunes that dominated the airwaves in 2014, or get in the zone in the new year with this “nostalgic” playlist of recent favorites. Need to find a new workout […]

Flexible Fitness Fashion with ASICS (+ Giveaway)


Sponsored by ASICS. Enter our giveaway below! photo credit Lean, Clean and Brie Once upon a time, there were “gym” clothes and “street” clothes: you couldn’t wear your comfy clothes out and about without feeling a bit underdressed. Gone are those days when workout gear meant unflattering gym shorts, a baggy tee and clunky kicks! […]