Exercising Smart and with a Purpose: #TeamPolar Chat 9/18 9pm ET

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      What are your goals when you exercise? How do you tailor your fitness efforts to your goals? And how do you find time for that fitness in your busy schedule?   Join us as we chat with sponsor Polar about exercising smart and with a purpose, and how we find time to [...]

fitaborate: The Perfect Solution for Working Out from Home


  Find the best fitness videos, invite your friends and workout together for free! fitaborate is The First Real Fitness Platform where you can experience online workouts in a fun, interactive and trackable way. This brand spanking new live online platform curates a variety of group classes and workouts with personal trainers, from Jillian Michaels and [...]

Parenting in a Digital World: #ConnectedLife 9/15 2pm EST

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    Parenting is tough! It’s a whole new world from the one we grew up in. The explosion of the internet and the extent to which digital media touches every part of our lives means parents have to stay on their toes to keep up with the latest advancements and the latest concerns. How [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Kyra Williams, The Get In Shape Girl


    You may know me now as The Get In Shape Girl, but I have not always been a fitness goddess. My life-changing transformation did not begin until a few years later, but I would not be able to fully tell this story without giving up the background goods. In the year 2000 I [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Certified Health Coach Lydia McCall


    Where do I even begin. Like many young women I struggled with my weight, self esteem and body image. This led to me to adopting a terrible relationship with food. You name an eating issue and I have had it. I would show my hatred towards myself by going on the latest fad [...]

Poll: Who Will Win These Weekend Football Matchups?


    Let’s play a little game of our own: vote who you think will win these weekend NFL and college football games, and we’ll see see how well the FitFluential community can call a matchup! Tell us what games you’re planning on watching next weekend in the comments!   NFL: College Football:  

5 Tips for Healthy Snacking


sponsored by Detour Bar   A bite here, a nibble there… snack grazing throughout the day may seem fairly innocent, but all those nibbles and bites can add up. In fact, the snacks you eat probably account for 25% (or more!) of your daily calorie consumption— an average of about 580 calories a day, research [...]



      We’d like to just take a moment to honor those who lost their lives this day 13 years ago; the heroic first responders who ran towards the fray; the airborne heroes who worked together to save more lives from being lost. And to remember the families and everyone whose lives were touched. [...]

The #ConnectedLife for a Healthier Lifestyle: 9/8 9pm EST

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  Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and when it comes to health and healthcare it’s particularly evident just how far we’ve come. From wellcheck visits with doctors with tablets in hand and triage nurses that respond to email, to medical records easily accessed online, to fitness trackers that monitor and motivate daily activity, [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Celeste Edenloff, 100 Races Strong

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    My story starts in November of 2008 when I decided it was time to lose some weight— this time, for good. I weighed in at 200.2. My healthy living journey (that’s what I call it, not “dieting!”) began when I made the decision to join Weight Watchers one week before Thanksgiving. Yes, my [...]

FitFluential Transformation: Fat Girl Gone Fit Kelly Fuston


  I grew up as an overweight kid. In elementary school, I was called names by classmates— at around 9 years old, I was told that I should go on Jenny Craig because I was so fat. I can remember days when I would come home and ask my mom if I was fat. She [...]

Poll: It’s Eat An Extra Dessert Day! Will you be celebrating?


    The origins of Eat An Extra Dessert Day appear to be shrouded in mystery, but the best way to celebrate it seems pretty clear! Just be prepared to balance out the rest of your week. Take our poll, and leave us a link to your fave dessert recipe in the comments. Enjoy yourself! [...]

#AskFF: How do I lose stubborn abdominal fat?

How do I lose belly fat

    Rachel S asked: “I’ve been working out for at least an hour 6 days a week for over a month now. I’m feeling much healthier and stronger now, but I can’t seem to lose the fat from my abdomen. I know I have muscles but they’re hidden away under a layer of fat. [...]

Attention Football Fanatics! #ConnectedLife Chat 9/2 2pm ET


    Calling all football fanatics! The wait is over and football season is back, baby. How do you watch your games, track your stats, and keep up with the latest news? Do you have a fantasy football team? And how would you like to win a custom-designed getaway adventure to see an NFL game of [...]

POLL: Tell us how you REALLY feel about the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

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    It’s the Friday before Labor Day: we’re headed into the last official weekend of summer! We know that for many in our community, nothing says fall like the release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove= a hard to resist hot coffee treat on a cool autumn morning. But while [...]

We’re Talking Precovery and Recovery! #RecoverWithRed Chat 8/27 9pm EST


    How do you reduce workout pain and soreness? What can you do before working out… to help you recover more quickly afterward? Are there ways to hasten recovery after a particularly tough workout?   We’re talking about precovery and recovery with our sponsor @ChooseCherries, the Cherry Marketing Institute. Did you know that tart cherries have [...]

How Do You Prepare for a Workout? #BSN Chat 8/26 9pm EST

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    Consistently pushing just a little bit further in your workout can mean significant gains over time. How do you prepare for a workout so you can lift more, push further? How do you stay mentally motivated to keep going? And what defines a successful workout to you? We’ll cover these questions plus discuss [...]

Tech Tips for the Connected Traveler: #ConnectedLife Chat 8/25 9pm EST


    Mobile tech has made our lives more convenient in so many ways, but especially when it comes to travel! No more being stranded by a missed connection or needing quarters to call for a ride. No more wondering why the train is late and how much later it might be. And no more [...]