Treat Yourself with These Sweet Recipes


You’ve been very good all year, right? When you commit to a diet or to healthy eating, an indulgence may feel like cheating. But treating yourself now and again absolutely makes sense within a healthy lifestyle: it satisfies cravings to keep you from overindulging later, and signals your body that it’s ok to keep releasing fat […]

Tech for Travel: #LenovoIn Chat 12/16 9pm ET

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The holiday season is in full swing, which means time spent with our loved ones. It’s a magical time of the year; if only the time spent traveling was just as magical! Let’s talk tech and travel! How does tech make your travel time easier or more enjoyable? What tech always stays with you when you’re […]

5 Full Body Workouts and a 90s Playlist (Giveaway)


Sponsored by SMS Audio. Enter our BioSport giveaway below! It’s Friday! Shake off the stress of the week and get the weekend started right with one of these full body workouts. They’ll work your upper body, lower body and core exercises in one calorie-blasting routine to help you burn fat, improve endurance and build muscle. […]

6 Fit Tips to Make December Your New January (Giveaway)


Sponsored by adidas miCoach. Enter our giveaway below! If you enjoy a special treat on Thanksgiving or Christmas, I have good news: it’s not going to derail your fitness and nutrition routine. The key is not to indulge like this every day during the holiday season; you have to take a tactful approach. It’s no […]

The Importance of an Ergonomic Workstation: DOs and DON’Ts (Giveaway)


sponsored by Relax The Back. Enter our giveaway below! Is your workstation optimized for your health? If you work a typical 40 hour work week, that translates into a third of your day, five days a week, that you spend on the job. The details of your work space may be causing aches and pains […]

How Can You Work an Extra 5,000 Steps into Your Day? (Giveaway)


Sponsored by Shape/Men’s Fitness. Enter our Amazon gift card giveaway below! Time flies when you’re tracking steps and having fun! The Men’s Fitness and Shape Magazine East Coast vs West Coast Blogger Challenge is nearing the end of its 4 weeks. A head-to-head competition for the title of most active coast, this challenge outfitted 10 of […]

The Connected Home: #LenovoIn Chat 12/9 9pm ET

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Technology has come a long way, baby! How much has your home computer use changed in the last decade? What advances have had the most impact on your life? And how do you deal with the parenting challenges presented by our connected homes? We’re chatting about the connected home with sponsor @LenovoUS. Bring your questions […]

#ActiveGiving with Lorna Jane: Twitter Chat 12/8 9pm ET


Shopping for a fit girl this holiday season? Even if (especially if?) that fit girl is YOU, you won’t want to miss our #ActiveGiving chat. We’ll be talking about our fitness must-haves and how we’re staying active this holiday season with sponsor Lorna Jane. Lorna Jane is where fashion meets sport! Australia’s award-winning activewear label for […]

Favorite Winter Recipes: Savor the Flavors of the Season


Sponsored by Blendtec I think we can all agree that pumpkin is the high note when it comes to fall flavor, right? Winter, however, holds a symphony of flavors that we love to savor. This roundup features all our favorites for when the weather outside is frightful: gingerbread, cinnamon, eggnog, cranberry, even a spicy and […]