About Us

FitFluential is a nationwide network of highly influential fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline through multiple social media platforms. Founded in 2011 by Kelly Olexa, FitFluential was designed to connect health and wellness brands with their ideal target market through customized, long-term experiential and contextual marketing campaigns.

FitFluential is Not…

FitFluential is NOT an ad-network. We believe that there are far more creative methods in delivering a brand message and inevitably selling product than to place a revolving ad on hundreds of sites. When was the last time YOU clicked on a banner ad? We create campaigns that go beyond the blog and embrace long-term partnerships with key influencers. Products are featured in a more contextual and natural manner, both online and offline, so that the message is received more favorably than in traditional digital placement.

FitFluential members are NOT only bloggers. While many of our influencers are bloggers, there are many FitFluentials who connect with their audience through other social media channels. FitFluentials may be fitness celebrities with popular DVDs, a well-liked Facebook fan page or a highly viewed YouTube channel. FitFluential does not use traditional methods of discovering bloggers or influencers, as this ignores many of the most highly influential personalities. We don’t buy lists or use digital databases to find our talent. We hand pick our influencers by considering all of their collective social media platforms and their personality.

FitFluential does NOT define influence only by the numbers. “It takes one to know one.” Because we are bloggers and influencers, we know that everyone starts somewhere. Quite often, the next star blogger or influencer is just around the corner. They are creating great content. Using an automated database or influencer scoring system is only one piece of the puzzle. We look at the whole picture, and when we find a diamond in the rough we can upgrade them relatively quickly with coaching.

FitFluential Is…

FitFluential is the perfect combination of fitness and influence.  We understand that fitness has many different definitions. It can mean walking, jogging or running. It can mean working out at the gym or to a fitness DVD at home. It can mean competing in bodybuilding and figure, or marathons and Triathalons. It can be Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, or Kickboxing, MMA and CrossFit. A fitness approach to food can be vegetarian, Paleo, Flexitarian, Pescetarian, High-Carb, Lo-Carb, Clean, High-Protein, Lo-Fat, Lo-Cal, Raw, or Vegan. It can mean any combination of the above and there is a new approach almost every week.

Influence is found in many places and can be cultivated, which is why our FitFluential Family is ever-evolving. Our hands-on approach to choosing influencers is paying off, especially when you consider these recent statistics:

By the numbers:

FitFluential Ambassadors and Influencers reach more than 100 million people each month. In just over a year, FitFluential has grown to 10,000 members with nearly 800 Ambassadors.

 FitFluential is about the Win-Win-Win.

  • A Win is for the brand. Social media is a powerful set of tools by which we share a message. A Win for the brand is naturally tied to sales. You won’t hear many words like “buzz” or “viral” around here. We’re here to help you sell in a collaborative and natural manner. Period.
  • A Win for our FitFluentials. These influencers have spent time and effort in creating unique and compelling content that draws in an engaged audience. That audience’s loyalty is valuable. Our goal is to bring them in to opportunities where they can earn additional income for their efforts.
  • A Win for the consumer.  Consumers are the dedicated fitness enthusiasts who follow the blogs, watch the videos and read the tweets. It is our job to create content that they want to see, hear and read. Our goal is to educate them and get them excited about a brand’s products or services. We want to help enhance their fitness journey.

FitFluential is all about balance.

We deliver positive messages of health and wellness, but we also promote maintaining a healthy balance. Too often, people view fitness messaging as restrictive and harsh. We showcase how anyone can incorporate habits that will improve their overall health and well-being.

Fitness is all about fitting in to your LIFE. We’ll focus on four primary areas in everything we do: Eat, Sleep, Move, Enjoy.

  • Eat- the fuel our body needs that tastes great and helps us reach our goals, whether it is weight loss, building muscle, or learning to eat a more sustainable diet
  • Sleep – the importance of rest in getting fit cannot be disputed, and you must get enough sleep so your days are energized
  • Move- from walking to bodybuilding, from Crossfit to yoga, let’s move and keep our heart and body healthy
  • Enjoy- life must be enjoyed and there are times when a cookie or a cookout and a day off is just what you need.

By focusing on these four components of a healthy LIFE, we promote balance.

At FitFluential, we are passionate about fitness. If you are a brand hoping to connect with an audience that favors a healthy balance, you’ve come to the right place. If you are a fitness enthusiast hoping to share your story with a bigger audience, you too have come to the right place. Why wait? As we say in fitness, START NOW. We can’t wait to hear from you.