June Challenge: Drop it like a Squat with #FFSquat


It’s summer and time to rock your lower body into shape! This month we’ve partnered with Polar to bring you the Drop it like a Squat Challenge! Join the #FFSquat Challenge and squat every single day in June. Two squatters will win a Polar FT60 Heartrate Monitor, which is a perfect addition to any workout to get the best results and track your performance.


June challenge Polar


The Challenge

The challenge is to squat every single day. If you’re a beginner, strive for 1,000 total squats in the month of June and for you squat experts (intermediate or advanced participants), let’s amp it up to 100 squats a day in June for a total of 3,000 squats! Know that these numbers are just suggestions and the goal of this challenge is to get squatting, no matter how many you do.


Screen shot 2014-06-01 at 10.16.47 AM

Click here for full-size, printable calendar


Form is more important than reps, so make sure you have correct alignment. Shannon Colavecchio from Bad Ass Fitness breaks down the proper squat form in the video below. So watch, listen, and learn how to do the perfect squat! As an added bonus, Shannon goes over different squat variations such as adding weights, adding a plyometric and more!



Disclaimer- Please consult your physician before beginning this or any exercise program to ensure you are healthy enough to complete the exercise. Work at your own pace and start off slow.


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  1. Ashley says

    Taking the challenge on!! I’m a beginner so will just do regular old squats :) setting my goal and excited to see how many I can do and how much I can improve by the end of June!

  2. Mariana says

    I LOVE all squat variations, they’re the perfect exercise for stregthening the whole lower body! Each variation targets different muscles, so combining them is great for an all-over toned look! So excited for this challenge!! 😀

  3. Izzy says

    Hey everybody,

    I am a little confused… are we supposed to post pictures and videos of us doing squats, or does that actually not matter for the raffle itself?

    Nevertheless… I love my squats! sumos are awesome and TRX pistol squats! :)

  4. Meredith says

    Very excited about this challenge! Thanks to FitFluential, Polar, and the amazing Shannon from Badass Fitness!!

  5. Juana says

    I’m excited to start this challenge, it gives me motivation.
    My favorite types of squats are the barbell wide stance squats or using a dumbell.

  6. Heidi DeGroot says

    Thanks for a great challenge! I’m excited for a chance to win a Polar as I haven’t invested in one yet, but would love to have one to keep me motivated while working out.

  7. Stephanie Manny says

    Great challenge…this will be the first challenge I actually try. Nothing like nice strong legs to help me with my running!

  8. says

    I’m sorry. I squat 1-2 times a week. USING A BARBELL.
    I never squat more than 5x in a row or more than 25x in an entire workout.
    If you really want to get something out squats, squat with more weight not simply more squats.

  9. Annette says

    I LOVE all kinds of squats & I’d hate to have to pick just one favorite! But I have to say jump squats are pretty awesome! Can’t wait to rock out this challenge! I’m setting a goal of 3,000 squats but I’d love to hit 5,000! : )

  10. Cali says

    I am a day late! good thing I did squats yesterday! lol I love all squats! My 2 favorites are jump squats and plie squats.

  11. elisha anderson says

    I love sumo and plie squats but am starting to really love squat jumps as well. Anything to get that booty poppin!

  12. stacey h says

    i think squat jumps are my favorite – even though i curse while doing them, i tend do enjoy the burn

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