19 Healthy Summer Salad Recipes


Summertime is our favorite time of year for salads. There’s a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables available making endless variations of salads!

The FitFuential Ambassadors have shared some of their favorite warm weather salads from Citrus Quinoa Salad to Sriracha Kale Caesar Salad to Avocado Chicken Salad. Enjoy!


healthy-summer-saladsPhoto Credit:
Running to the KitchenFit Foodie Finds, and Eating Bird Food


19 Healthy Summer Salads


1. Detox Salad via The Workout Mama
2. Citrus Quinoa Salad via Fit Foodie Finds
3. Kale Strawberry Summer Salad via Eating Bird Food



4. Vegan Taco Salad via Sprint2TheTable
5. Tomato & Corn Salad via Sprint2TheTable
6. Honey Roasted Strawberry Feta Salad via Running to the Kitchen
7. Tangy Broccoli Slaw Salad via Cotter Crunch 



8. Southwest Salad with Black Beans, Avocado, and Quinoa  via Live from La Quinta
9. Sriracha Kale Caesar Salad via Running to the Kitchen 
10. Baby Kale Salad with Lemon Garlic Vinaigrette via Happy Wife Healthy Life

photo3 (5)

11. The Rainbow Vitality Salad via Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat
12. Avocado Chicken Salad via The Fit Cookie 
13. Cilantro Lime Quinoa Salad via The Fit Cookie 
14. Beet and Tomato Spring Salad via Sensual Appeal


15. Watermelon Feta Salad via Running to the Kitchen
16. Spicy Cilantro Mango Wild Rice Salad via Running to the Kitchen

photo5 (2)

17. Tuna Kefir Salad via Sensual Appeal 
18. Tzatziki Chickpea Tuna Salad via Sprint2TheTable 
19. Superfood Detox Salad via Fit Foodie Finds 




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