15 HIIT and Tabata Workouts


15 HIIT and TABATA workouts

PHOTO CREDIT: PurelyTwins.com and KatrinaElle.com


No more looooooooong cardio sessions!

The focus of HIIT and TABATA style workouts is short, sweet and intense training sessions. It’s all about a period of work – at an intense level – followed by a period of rest.

Research has shown these types of workouts to be extremely effective for burning fat and calories, as outlined by The Daily Burn here. Another benefit of these types of workouts is the continued effect on your body even after you’re finished working out. FitFluential Ambassador Brad Gouthro explains here (video workout also included).

Want to learn even more about the different types of cardio workout training? Here’s a great overview from FitFluential Ambassador Alexandra of FunandFit.org on the different types of cardio, and why HIIT and TABATA workouts (High Intensity) could be right for you, depending on your goals.



15 HIIT and TABATA workouts


1. Tabata Workout from Peanut Butter Fingers

2. High Rep Workouts from Cotter Crunch

3. Tabata-Style Slim Down from Run Pretty


15 HIIT and TABATA workouts


4. Five Favorite Workouts from Live from La Quinta

5. Upper Body Workout from love life surf

6. Three’s a Charm Workout from love life surf

7. Short & Sweet Workout from Breathe Deeply and Smile

8. Legs on Fire tabata workout from Running Tall

9. HIIT in the bedroom bodyweight interval workout from Purely Twins

10. 20 minute tabata interval workout from Purely Twins

11. 5 Rounds Pyramid Plyo from Where’s the Beach?

12. Lordy Let’s Do 40 TRX Workout from Katrina Elle

13. 15 Minutes of HIIT Sweat Workout from Brad Gouthro

14. The Treadmill Sucks HIIT Cardio Workout from Brad Gouthro

15. Speed TABATA workout video from Brad Gouthro



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