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And now a message from FitFluential founder and CEO Kelly Olexa. 


Happy New Year!

We are excited to announce something new in the FitFluential world (and we mean WORLD—did you know that FitFluential is now GLOBAL??) that is going to make sticking to your resolutions a piece of cake.


It doesn’t matter what your goals are, where you are in your fitness, health and wellness journey— if you are just getting started or if you’ve been at it for years. The bottom line is we all need and want a lot of the same thing.

We want to feel like we aren’t alone, that when we get frustrated or confused about our results and maybe want to give up, that there is someone out there that understands.

What is the #1 question we get asked??? “How do you stay motivated?”

Accountability and Encouragement.

Two factors that can be game changers in your fitness journey and in your LIFE.

With #FFCHECK in, the FitFluential community can connect with you, and keep you encouraged, motivated, inspired and excited. How? Very simple.

Every evening, on Instagram, (doesn’t matter what time— whatever works for you), you put up a photo or a video that is your recap or diary of your day. Are you feeling like you kicked butt? Or maybe you are feeling frustrated like you are hitting a wall— and you need some encouragement. Share whatever is on your mind— whatever small victory you had that day— there are no rules! Share whatever frustration you have— no rules!

Tag your post with two hashtags (yes, you can use others as well!): #FITFLUENTIAL and #FFCHECKIN.

The FitFluential community (and you— you are a part of this!) will be searching for others using these hashtags every night— and you’ll start hearing some encouragement and getting those high fives and “you’ve got this!” that you need.

Here is how we make this work for everyone. Not only do we ask you to put up YOUR #FFCHECKIN to share your day— your highs, your lows, your questions, your doubts— after you put up YOUR post, then you PAY IT FORWARD.

Use the search feature on Instagram to pull up #FITFLUENTIAL #FFCHECKIN posts. And— trust me, you’ll get addicted to this— find several others that YOU can encourage, follow and give a high five to.

What’s going to happen here? You’ll make new friends that have the same goals as you. You’ll feel better about yourself and your goals as you encourage OTHERS. You’ll realize you aren’t alone. You’ll feel a part of something bigger— a fantastic community of positive, inspiring, motivated individuals who won’t let you give up.

If you don’t have an instagram account, it’s free. Sign up— and make sure your account is not set to private— if it is, we can’t find you.

#FFCHECKIN starts today. And we have ideas for how this is going to grow and how we plan to REWARD people with fun prizes too down the road.

See this video below for an explanation and now…… get your day going and MAKE IT COUNT. We know you can.



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    this is great. when i started blogging and getting involved in fitness/wellness, my blog was called “Accountbility”. Interacting like this with like minded people who share similar goals, etc, is KEY to success. We’ve been doing it all along, and socia media has made water-cooler chatter GLOBAL.
    thank you, Kelly, for nudging this along. all of us only stand to GAIN from #FFCheckin.

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