Motivation Monday: Put Your Mind to It





Our first Motivation Monday for 2014!

A whole new year stretches ahead of us, a natural time for a reset: a fresh start with renewed resolve.

The first step is really believing you can do it, whatever it might mean for you. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for excuses before you’ve even begun.

What will you accomplish in the new year?

What can you do today and this week to help get you there?



  1. Jeanie says

    Setting goals that will be easier for me to reach. Lose 3lbs instead of 10lbs, start out with shorter workouts and work my way up. Eating healthier a little bit at a time and writing it all down every day! I follow you and several others to help stay informed and not feel left out what is current and how these changes impact others too:)
    Thanks for being there!!!!

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