38 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes


Slow cooker, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways:

For the time-crunched: set-it-and-forget-it recipes abound, allowing you to start your dinner in the morning and free up time to hit the gym after work or get in a quick run before the sun sets (not to mention enjoy a leisurely hot shower afterwards). Bonus: quick and easy cleanup!

For the frugal: slow cooking is a great way to maximize the flavor and tenderize the texture of less expensive, tougher cuts of meat. It also uses less energy than firing up the oven.

For the culinarily challenged: the majority of slow cooker recipes involve simply adding ingredients to the slow cooker and turning it on (tip: every time you take off the lid to peek, you’re releasing heat and will need to add some cooking time. Hands off!).

For the health-minded: home cooked is almost always the healthiest option! No need to add extra fats to slow cooked meals; the moisture is sealed in. And since slow cooking helps meaty flavors to permeate the entire dish, you can opt to use less meat, loading up on the veggies instead.


38 crockpot recipes

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Ready to embrace the slow cooker love, or looking for new ways to spice up your relationship with your trusty Crock Pot? We’ve rounded up 38 healthy recipes from our FitFluential Ambassadors, from soups to sides, desserts to main dishes, with some vegetarian and clean eating options.

Give them a try— and let us know your favorite recipes in the comments!


Main Dishes


1. Crock Pot Baked Potatoes with Smashed Chili Beans  | Side of Sneakers

2. Slow Cooker Lasagna  | Southern Living Yankee

3. Crock-Pot Tomato BBQ Short Ribs  | Organically Mo

4. Cranberry Apricot Pork Tenderloin | We Can Begin to Feed

5. Slow Cooker Turkey Taco Meat | Nutritious Eats

6. Lemon Garlic Chicken Thighs | Nutritious Eats

7. Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken | Organically Mo

8. Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken | Organically Mo

9. Slow Cooker Shrimp and Artichoke Barley Risotto | Cara’s Cravings

10. Slow Cooker Honey Turkey Breast with Butternut Squash | Healthy Helper

11. Crock Pot Chicken ChickPea Curry | Sensual Appeal

12. Sweet n Spicy Vegetarian Curry | Sensual Appeal

13. Healthy Crock Pot Orange Chicken | Ari’s Menu

14. Turkey Meatball Subs | Well of Health




15. Slow Cooked Applesauce | A Gutsy Girl

16. Crock Pot Roasted Vegetable Sauce | The Lean Green Bean

17. Crock Pot Vegetarian Black Beans | Mommy Run Fast

18. Crock Pot Apple Crisp | It’s a Harleyyy Life




19. Apple Cinnamon Pumpkin Crock Pot Steel Cut Oats | The Lean Green Bean

20. Slow Cooked Vanilla Spiced Steel Cut Oats | Treats with a Twist

21. Slow Cooked Overnight Oats | CSW Fit Yoga




22. Bean and Spinach Crock Pot Soup | Miss Zippy

23. Vegetarian Tortilla Soup | MCM Mama Runs

24. Vegetarian Split Pea Soup | Mommy Runs Fast

25. Black Bean Quinoa Chili | Fit Foodie Finds

26. Black Eyed Pea Crock Pot Soup | Apples and Arteries

27. Homemade Turkey Broth Mulligatawnski | We Can Begin to Feed

28. Curried Slow Cooker Coconut Chicken Stew | We Can Begin to Feed

29. Crock Pot White Chicken Chili | Tina Reale

30. BBQ Lentil Stew | Cotter Crunch

31. Faux-Pho Udon Noodle Soup | Better with Veggies

32. Black Eyed Pea and Cabbage Soup | Healthy Helper Blog

33. Crock Pot Two Bean Veggie Chili | Happy Fit Mama

34. Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili | Gigi Eat Celebrities  

35. Clean Eating White Bean Chicken Chili  | Run to the Finish

36. Black and White Bean Chicken Chili | Slimsanity

37. Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup | Ari’s Menu

38. Slow Cooker Loaded Baked Potato Soup | Well of Health 




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    I’m looking forward to trying some of these when or if we get some winter weather here in San Diego. For now I’m still firing up the grill most nights :/

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