Ambassador Spotlight: Laura Hall


Laura Hall is a consultant by day, an athlete by night, and a constant creator of all food strange but good. Check out her blog Sprint 2 the Table, like Sprint 2 the Table on Facebook, follow Laura on Twitter @Sprint2theTable, and check out her crazy meals on Instagram @Sprint2theTable.



How do you define FitFluential?

It’s about being real. We aren’t perfect, but we do our best to live the fit life. That means making choices that serve our goals, and engaging in activities that are healthy and FUN! Being FitFluential means keeping it real, encouraging those around you, and never settling for less than your best.



What is your main motivation to be fit?

Honestly? Because it’s fun. I love seeing exactly how far I can push my body, conquering new adventures, lifting more weight that I ever thought possible. You only live once. Why spend waste it on the couch watching reality on TV when you can be out in its midst?


FitFluential believes the keys to balance are Eat, Sleep, Move and Enjoy. What is your favorite way to enjoy life?

Outside of athletics, I love to EAT. I know more than I should about my local restaurant scene, can recite menus and wine lists, and nothing relaxes me more after a long day at work than spending a few hours concocting something delicious in the kitchen. My favorite pairing is a good meal with great friends.



What is your regular fitness routine?

Five years ago if you had told me I’d get spray painted orange naked in a room full of women, then walk across a stage in stripper heels and a bikini… I’d have laughed in your face. Today I am training for my second figure competition. Never say never!

Every day I walk 2 incline miles first thing in the morning, and I lift heavy 5-6 days a week. Right now I’m focusing on gaining, so I don’t do any cardio. In the spring and summer I play softball, and am always game for hiking in the mountains.



What advice do you have for someone at the beginning of their fitness journey?

Find something you love and pursue it with reckless abandon. If you don’t like to run, then you won’t stick to it. There are a million ways to be fit, and you don’t have to stick to just one thing. In my fit life, I’ve taken up running, played softball, skated on a roller derby team, and even tried various DVD programs. Each one was right for me at the time, and I had fun with them all in that moment. It doesn’t matter what path you take as long as it’s one you can be passionate about.



Bonus Question:

What would people never guess about you?

I was an extremely picky kid. To the point where I wouldn’t eat vegetables (unless they were raw and covered in ranch dressing), cheese, or even hamburgers. I started eating like a normal person at 21; however, I didn’t start eating seafood until last year. Today half of my diet consists of tuna, swordfish, and salmon. But I’ve still never eaten a fast food hamburger.



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