Ambassador Spotlight: Amanda Perry


Amanda Perry is a 31 year old nutrition and fitness fanatic and mom to a one year old boy born on June 4, 2011. On her blog, Sistas of Strength, she provides nutrition and fitness advice, including recommended workouts and recipes. Additionally, she shares tips for staying fit during pregnancy and getting fit after having a baby (banishing the baby bulge).

Amanda is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CPT) and recently became a Russian Kettlebell Instructor (RKC).  She is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Professional (Pn1) and co-owns a training facility, Skill of Strength, in Chelmsford, MA with her husband.


Amanda Perry


How do you define FitFluential?

FitFluential is about living a balanced, healthy life and encouraging others to do the same, without being pushy or judgmental. That last part is key. You can be the most fit individual on the planet, but if you sit there and judge others for their choices or act superior because of your knowledge and/or dedication that is not helpful to the community around you.


What is your main motivation to be fit?

My number one reason I want to be fit is my son. I want to be able to run and play with him and be around for him as long as possible. Other reasons include the fact that training helps me stay sane and happy (love those endorphins) and honestly, I want to look good. C’mon you know that’s your motivation too.


Amanda Perry


FitFluential believes the key to balance is Eat, Sleep, Move, Enjoy. What is your favorite way to Enjoy Life?

Well…I enjoy eating, sleeping, and moving. The best day for me would be to sleep in a little and then move a little with my husband by doing a track workout with kettlebells. Next up would be a boat ride with family and/or friends, eating a yummy meal outside, playing some games (cornhole!), snuggling my kid and drinking a few glasses of red wine.



What is your regular fitness routine?

I usually get up and train early in the morning while my son is still sleeping. I’m currently strength training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Tuesdays and Saturdays I usually do conditioning (mostly kettlebells) and Thursdays and Sundays are rest days. Sometimes on a rest day I’ll take a long walk with my son.


Amanda Perry


What advice do you have for someone at the beginning of their fitness journey?

Set realistic goals. Sure, you can say that you want to give up all bread and pasta and workout 8 times a week, but is this doable for you? If it’s not then you won’t do it, at least not for long. Remember that fitness is not a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. Set small goals and make one change at a time for lasting results.


Bonus Question:

How do you make time for fitness with a one year old and two jobs?

I have to be much more efficient with my workouts! I have found that strength training and kettlebell training give me the biggest bang for my buck so I mostly stay away from easier, more time-consuming workouts like jogging or training with lighter weights.

As mentioned in my fitness routine above, I strength train (think lots of deadlifts and pullups) three days a week, but I also take two full rest days a week whereas I used to take just one day off from training. I’m actually finding that my body craves the recovery time now (for the first time ever) since I am doing tougher workouts.


Amanda Perry




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    Amanda’s series on how she’s losing weight after having after having her baby is SO so motivating. Her results are pretty stunning! To see someone set a goal like that and be very calculated and persistent about achieving it is so great to see. Love your blog! :)

  2. says

    I’m so glad you mentioned about not being judgmental! I feel like so many fit people, even trainers, get stuck in that place especially if they’ve lost a lot of weight themselves. It’s like ex-smokers hating the smell of smoke. It alienates people and makes a fit lifestyle more of a turn off. We all have to walk through different paths to find ourselves and realize that we need to be healthy and if someone isn’t on that point of their journey, your judgment won’t bring them there faster. Great post!

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      Yes…there’s honestly no point in being judgmental even though it’s nearly impossible to avoid. I know I still have to work on it too, but I’m really learning that being supportive and just sharing your story and being ready to listen (and maybe hand out a bit of advice) when someone is ready works much better! :)

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