Top 5 Food Shows to Watch with Your Child


One aspect of healthy living is having an understanding of the importance of high quality food. Teaching children about healthy food consumption can be accomplished through communication. The use of well developed television shows is one way to trigger conversation and questions about the many topics that are central to food. I have compiled my top 5 list of food television shows where the topics range from healthy recipes to foods of the world. While viewing these recommended shows, I encourage you to ask your child questions related to the content. Try to stay away from yes or no questions, but instead ask open-ended questions that can help increase dialogue and allow you to develop a better understanding of how much your child truly understands about food consumption, the science behind food, and nutrition problems (including starvation).





Amanda can be found running, practicing yoga, or strolling farmers markets (with her toddler in tow) in beautiful NYC. Her goal is to inspire families to live a healthier/active lifestyle. If life weren’t busy enough, Amanda attends Columbia University for her PhD in Communication, Computing, and Technology. She has also worked as a content researcher on several children’s television shows. Amanda holds an MA in Developmental Psychology from Columbia and a BS in Psychology from Northern Michigan University. You can find Amanda at and follow her on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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