“I Did Couch to 5K. Now What?”


I did couch to 5k. Now what

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The weather is warming and many are making good on those wintertime pledges to run their first 5Ks. Others have hit their initial weight loss goals, taken those first classes, achieved their first steps to a healthier lifestyle.

So now what?

We asked our FitFluential Ambassadors for some thoughts about where to go after those first goals have been reached and celebrated.

Amanda had this to say on Tales of One Happy Mother Runner:

After I ran my first half marathon (Disney Wine and Dine) I felt amazing. I was so thrilled that I had accomplished a goal that I didn’t think was possible. But only a few days later I felt lost and wasn’t really sure what I was suppose to do. I sat and asked myself, “Now What?” I was unmotivated to continue with the running program I was following. And eventually fell into a slump that caused me to lose much of the progress I had gained from my training.

I learned the difficult way that goal success can be tricky to deal with. I now follow some guidelines to make sure that when I do achieve a goal it only pushes me to my next one, instead of causing me to backtrack.

Here are my Goal Guidelines:

1.) Make multiple goals. One goal is easy to accomplish but if you have a handful it’s simple to move from one goal to another.

For example my goal list for 2012 is:

  1. Run 10 races
  2. Improve my pace
  3. Make half fanatics
  4. Run 900 miles
  5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  6. Do something you thought you would never do

2.) Make some of your goals vague. Instead of saying I want to lose 20 lbs, set a goal to live a healthier lifestyle. It’s a never ending goal that you can center your life around.

3.) Find others who have the same goals you do. When your goals are accomplished, help each other to move on to the next goal or phase.

4.) Never let your goals run out. If you see that your goal list is almost complete add more. This list should never be finished because it pushes you to be a stronger and better person, that is never ending.

Read the rest of Amanda’s post here.

More thoughts on going beyond the 5K…
or the first 10 pounds…
or whatever your 2012 initial goals may have been:

Robyn Baldwin is taking the 5K to the next level by training for a Warrior Dash adventure race.

Katie of KatieRunsThis invites you to hop on board the C210K bandwagon… training for distance or for speed.

Jen of Running With the Girls is preparing to run multiple legs of a 24 hour relay race.

The Happy Runner Felice suggests that 5K graduates build endurance, stretch limits, and sign-up and train for a half-marathon this fall. She lists several good training plans to get started.

Krissy at Shiawase Life has been running for two years now! She poses some questions for you to help you decide on your next step.

Heather has several options beyond the 5K at Running With Sass. One of them— stop running. Find out why.

Easing back into running after a long break? Kyria has one-step-at-a-time tips at Travel Spot.

At The Lunchbox Diaries, Colleen has advice for those who have fallen off the healthy bandwagon (or are trying to hang on for dear life).

Whether you’re trying to transition from 5K to marathon (or not), MCM Mama shares how you can get from Point A to Point B.

Yay! You achieved your goal! Charlene of Running With Charlene has one word for what you need to do next.

Heather of Better with Veggies asks: now that you’ve got running down, why not try a tri? She’s got tips to get you on your way.

At Relentlessly Motivated, Doug says that the sky is the limit! Whether you’re looking to take your running to the next level or keep going past your initial weight loss goal, he has listed some ways to take action.

Rachel of Running Tales knows that we all want to go to Disney World after achieving a big goal. If that’s not in the cards for you, she has questions to help you define what your next goal should be.

At Mom’s Little Running Buddy, Katie feels that goals show us just a glimpse of what we’re capable of achieving. See how she used goals as gateways to the next level.

Jessica aka 30 Something Mother Runner wants to make sure you avoid doing too much too soon (TMTS). She has advice for gradually increasing your training.

Amanda aka Miss Zippy has suggestions to help you become a better runner first, and maybe a half or full marathoner later. But first she wants you to rest up and reward yourself!

Each of us has our own now what? Erica advises a little soul searching and comes up with diverse possibilities for your next step at Life as a Running Mom.

Running now in your blood? Katrina has some next steps and resources for you after you earned the t-shirt at Katrina Runs for Food.


How about you?

Any tips for keeping up the good work once you’ve hit your first fitness milestones?



  1. says

    I love to just keep setting my goals higher and higher. I used to aim for 40 miles a month (around 10 miles per week) and now I usually clock in at around 70.

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