What’s Your #PROOF?

Hank Hanna #PROOF


For the uninitiated: when a runner crosses a race finish line a photographer snaps their picture, and that photo is provided for review with a watermark that reads PROOF.

To a photographer, that word refers to an unedited copy waiting for approval before printing, but we think it can mean more: PROOF of a challenge taken and conquered, PROOF of endurance and inner strength, PROOF that we came, we saw, we ran our own race.

Here at FitFluential we know that people are running their own races, accepting their own challenges, and taking steps for a healthy lifestyle every day. And we want to help you acknowledge and celebrate that. Every day.







What did you do today to make yourself better than yesterday? To live a more healthy life?

How did you BRING IT?

Whether it was a kick ass workout, a healthy meal instead of greasy one, scheduling a routine physical, or playing with the kids at the playground, we want to know about it!

What’s your PROOF?


Say it loud and tweet it proud! Just hashtag your tweets with #FitFluential #PROOF so we can see.


Jill Hanner #PROOF
Jessica Morrison

Jess Milcetich #PROOF






  1. I am LOVING all the #PROOF out there and it’s helping keep me accountable!

  2. such great inspiration to get my sweat/healthy eating on!!!

  3. Ahhhh – LOVE these! My #PROOF is wearing the shoes – cuz I only wear them when I’m going to sweat :)

  4. #PROOF we all need a little inspiration to bring it! Love this!

  5. High-Fives to #PROOF! I find this so uplifting, energizing, and another way to hold me accountable. Excited to spread the love of #PROOF!

  6. Cannot wait to see my #PROOF develop and kick into high gear when I am cleared to workout again!

  7. Loving this movement!

  8. The #PROOF is so fun, i love it! And I just realized i forgot to hashtag my salad lunch haha dammit

  9. Loving the #PROOF… getting ready to share mine right after I finish ripping down the ugly wallpaper in my kids bathroom.. got to fit it ALL in…then I’m heading out for a run to clear my mind and be my best FirFluential runner girl self.

  10. love this idea!!! a great way to help us all remember to move our butts ;)

  11. Ah, I’m loving this! Keeps me accountable. :)

  12. You people inspire me to get out of my pj’s!! :)

  13. #PROOF is keeping me accountable! I’m constantly inspired!

  14. Really love this movement too! It inspires me to think about my choices each day. It’s incredible to see this amazing community in action!

  15. #PROOF is in the pudding. The vegan, gluten-free, chia seed infused, pudding.

  16. #PROOF! – love it. Great back story explanation and definitely motivating! I will keep up my proof for sure in this inspiring community! :D

  17. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 54.5 years old – #PROOF for me! ;-) I do all I can to not use my age for any excuse not to try & work hard!

  18. #PROOF!! I love this movement!!!

  19. Head over heels for the #PROOF movement! I love seeing everyone working so hard and being proud of it. :-)

  20. Love it! #proof fitfluential is heads above the rest!

  21. Threw my daughter’s #PROOF up tonight – snapped a shot of her mid air jump roping to Fit In Heel’s workout!

  22. Loving this too! It sure is making me step OUT of my comfort zone. It really helps to be accountable to others. Love FitFluential!

  23. I love this SO SO much!!!! This gives me even more reasons to just go for it and post the #PROOF that I am working my butt off!!


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