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We have all heard how important it is to take our vitamins daily.  Vitamins are an essential component of overall health and wellness.  FitFluential even teamed up with GNC to promote this through #livewellnow!  A daily multi-vitamin, probiotic, or fish oil are all well and good (and we hope you are taking them!) but what about the vitamins you wish existed?  Have you ever had the thought, “man I wish I could take something that did _______”.  Well we definitely have and we want to share some of our wonder vitamins that we wish existed with you!


Caitlin’s Wonder Vitamins


  • Snooze Satisfier: You know that awesome feeling you get after hitting snooze a few times? It’s the feeling that’s about a thousand times better than the one you have when the alarm FIRST goes off, AKA that point at which you hate everything. Snooze is all well and good, but sometimes if I get too carried away with it, I end up late to wherever I need to be…and I’m sure I’m not alone. In my perfect world, the vitamin Snooze Satisfier would be available, and there’d be no need for snooze again – that is, no worrying about how many times I have left to press it before I’m running late. Simply taking a Snooze Satisfier right before bed would do wonders for how I felt upon waking – not necessarily ready to bound out of bed, but also not feeling the need to hit snooze and waste time. Of course, this could backfire if I started setting my alarm later and later knowing I wouldn’t need to press snooze…so satisfying responsibly would be necessary.




  • Text-Ray Vision: The bloggers of the world like me constantly feel the need to have technology at our fingertips, and that can get hazardous. Sometimes I’ve just got to reply to that tweet or update my Facebook page – it feels like it can’t wait. And although I know deep down that it can, my smartphone can be VERY tempting, even when I am out and about, as in literally walking. This has led to some embarrassing moments – tripping, bumping into people, inadvertently walking into traffic, you know the deal. With the Text-Ray Vision vitamin, I could use my smartphone at will while walking, and a sensation or feeling (not unpleasant in nature of course) would alert me when it was time to stop walking and/or look up. The danger in this vitamin actually existing? It could possibly prevent me from being in the moment and enjoying what’s going on around me. This would be another one that would have to be used with caution!




Madeline’s Wonder Vitamins


  • Mommy-Brain Be Gone:  When I got pregnant I was incredibly skeptical about mommy-brain and its existence.  Then I started forgetting tiny details, wouldn’t know why I walked into a room, and put my keys in the fridge.  It was after the key incident that I began believing in mommy-brain.  Then once my daughter was born, and the sleep deprivation crept in, my mommy-brain got ten times worse.  With the mommy-brain be gone vitamin one daily dose would boost your short-term memory and improve your recollection.  The focus would be on simple tasks and basic information.  This vitamin would also work on non-moms who suffer from absentmindedness.


keys in fridge


  • Sweet Tooth Minimizer: I never had a sweet tooth before this last year and now it is out of control.  When the sweet tooth kicks in, it is incredibly difficult to resist temptation.  The sweet tooth minimizer vitamin would curb those sugar cravings leading you to feel satisfied with the sweets.  By taking the vitamin you could enjoy a small bowl of ice cream without craving the entire gallon.  This vitamin would have to be closely monitored for overdose because no one wants their sweet tooth gone forever :)




Now we’re dying to know – can you relate to any of these wonder vitamins? Is there another kind that you’ve longed for in the past? Talk about it in the comments – chances are, you won’t be alone!



Caitlin is a food and fitness blogger at Cait Plus Ate. She strives to live a life of balance and moderation as she reviews restaurants, takes group fitness classes, and covers food and drink events throughout Connecticut. She’s been with FitFluential since this past fall and has loved every second of it!



Madeline is a healthy living blogger sharing her passion for food and fitness at Food, Fitness, and Family.  She is the proud wife of a Soldier and a new mom of a sweet baby girl.  Madeline blogs her favorite recipes, sweatiest workouts, and loves to share photos of her family.  She joined FitFluential at the beginning of 2012 and loves the new adventures that have come with it.


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