5 Tips for Goal Setting and Goal Keeping – All Year Long

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Last Wednesday’s #livewellnow Twitter chat was all about developing goals and holding ourselves accountable to achieve them: NOW, tomorrow, and yes, as we ushered in the new year.

Whether you pledged lofty, ambitious resolutions this year or set simple, more practical goals for yourself, we think that some of the tips that we saw in that chat can only help you to become a better YOU!


Tip 1: Break big goals down into little goals.

This theme ran through the entire hour— while many had grand plans for the year, they definitely supported breaking those plans down into actionable steps (with maybe a little reward along the way).

@KellyOlexa: I’m actually doing WEEKLY goals now. Simple, small goals like: This week, I will drink more water.

@ErinElberson: I set both long and short term goals. Have to take smaller steps to get to the end destination

@bodhi_bear: I like a mix with an immediate focus on the smaller ones to pragmatically lead to the WHOA MAMA ones

@tobyamidor: To get to the top of the tower, you need to take it 1 step at a time. Small steps lead to the big goal/picture.

@BiteSzWellness: I agree. No one says a resolution needs to be a year long event. Short term can become long term

@vetrunnah: Goals have to be flexible enough that when life gets in the way, that they can be re-evaluated and modified if necessary

@SweetToothCourt: I love smaller goals – every time I achieve a new one, it keeps my motivation soaring!


Tip 2: But still, DREAM BIG.

@cubbiegirl: I set long term goals. They seem to motivate me more than smaller ones. I like the shock value to push me

@grmindyjean: I’ve got five BIG longer term goals for the year – focused on running, weight loss, and finances. Word of the year is EPIC!

@gsoutiea: the BIGGER the better!

@RobynBaldwin: I think you need big long term goals to help you dream and then short term ones that will help u achieve the long term goal

@ChiRunnerGrl: setting big crazy goals for me is important because sometimes i fail and i think that i learn more from my short comings

@keeliesheridan: I think big goals are very important- how else will you learn how insanely awesome you are?

@i_will_overcome: My motto for 2012? “Go big or go home!” Dont tell me the skys the limit when I know there are footprints on the moon!


Tip 3: Write your goals down.

Some of us couldn’t remember what our 2011 goals were. The overwhelming majority championed documenting those goals and keeping them where you can see them!

@annicanicole: Write them down! Type them up! Put them by the light switch in your room so you’ll always see them!

@OatmealBowl: its a MUST to write goals down in order to achieve them at the greatest ability!

@MissyCSita: in my phone in my diary and a post it note in my car & home.

@ChefKatelyn: I ALWAYS write down my goals, and put them on my wall, categorized by short-term, long-term, and easy vs. hard.

@RunningToPrize: Mine are posted on my blog for accountability! I love being able to see my progress – and have others encourage me!

@justalittlerun: Goals get written down and posterized and then hung by my bed so it’s the 1st and last thing I see everyday.

@DareYouToBlog: YES! An idea is a dream until you write it down. THEN its a goal.

@LiveLoveNRun: Writing your goals down = SEEING them. When you see them, you can reach them.

@tinareale: Social media is my accountability and tracker – the blog, DailyMile, Twitter friends. Love it!

@Vianessa: a few months ago I made a wall graph with my larger goals, now I’m going to pinpoint and strategize on how to get there!


Tip 4: Visualize with a vision board or inspiration board.

Online eye candy board Pinterest received a few votes too! Pinterest is still in beta, requiring an invite, but if you’re interested in this virtual inspiration/vision board leave a comment below or holla on Twitter— someone will swing an invite your way. (Be sure to follow the FitFluential Pinterest boards!)

@bodhi_bear: I vision board/goal set inside manila folders and keep them handy (physical/career/relationship folders)

@KellyOlexa: I have created a hujazz Vision Board with my goals written down. And I put notes all over the house! 😉

@RenewedFitness: Yep! For 2012 I have a vision board. On it are all my long/short-term goals. I want 2 see what I’m trying 2 reach everyday.

@DineNDashWithT: what works best for me is creating an inspiration board! the pics help so much.

@LiveLoveNRun: Working on my very first inspiration board! Then I might save them for my two girls so they can see how far I’ve come.

@jamieleahreilly: An inspiration board is a great idea! Would put all my fitness magazines to even better use!

@RunningToPrize: Hoping to create a vision board soon! Love that idea :)


Tip 5: Share your goals with others.

With your real-life friends, your online peeps, even with your pets!

@annicanicole: Share ur goals w/ others. People are more interested than you think. Asking you how it’s going could be the motivation u need!

@LCCotter: Oh yes!! I need a good reality slap from time to time so sharing goals is crucial.

@AHealthySlice: I share my goals! Especially w/ my dog. When I tell her I’ll go jogging, you better believe she holds me accountable!

@DareYouToBlog: Yes, telling SOMEONE is necessary to ensure commitment. My first 5k, I spread the word so I couldn’t chicken out!

@danielleliss: I tell my cats my goals all of the time. They know everything about me.

@PaigeRAN: I definitely tell others my goals! Not only to hold myself accountable, but to get that energy out there in the universe :)

@skinnyemmie: I’ve gotten a lot of help this year by asking for help from people. Readers, family, friends (online and off)

@GirlRucki: If I say something in one of my youtube videos, my viewers remind me about it all the time… tell people your goals!


And then there was this—


We’re pretty sure she meant pantry :) Whatever works!

What’s your best tip for goal setting— and keeping?


Keep finding ways to #livewellnow! If you’re up to scrolling back to last week’s chat, participants also shared their fave online sites and apps for goal tracking, tricks for staying motivated, and were touchingly honest about how they overcame fear of failure.

We’re continuing to hold these Twitter chats several times a week and we’d LOVE to have you come play with us! Our next #livewellNOW chat takes place TOMORROW, January 4th, from 9-10pm EST.

The topic this week is “superfood”— getting the biggest bang for your nutritional buck— and in particular, our new favorite: CHIA seed. Yes, ch-ch-ch-chia! We have two GNC travel blenders that we’ll give away to two lucky chat participants.

UPDATED TO ADD: Breaking news!

We’re pleased as punch to announce that @CoachsOats will be joining us as co-hosts, and are providing THREE prize packs each containing a bag of Coach’s Oats and a Coach’s Oats coffee mug.

(If you’re new to this, just search for #livewellNOW during party time and add #livewellNOW to your responses so that they appear in the conversation timeline. We can’t wait to talk to you!)


  1. says

    Great tips!! I think it’s so important to set big and small goals. I actually think it’s good to set some really big goals that you might not achieve. If I aim for something really big, I get further than if I had set only small, realistic goals that I knew I could achieve.

  2. says

    I wish I didn’t miss this twitter chat, what an awesome topic! For me, sometimes its as easy as just telling someone what my goal is. It could be on my blog, or a quick tweet, even. It could be a small goal like NOT hitting snooze through my AM workout. Or it could be a big goal like saying I WILL RUN A MARATHON in 2012 and blogging it out. I find accountability in sharing my goals, is what it comes down to. But in the end, I accomplish those goals for myself, not for anyone else but me.

  3. says

    Kelly’s is my fave! 😉 Great chat we had & yes, lots of fantastic input!!!

    I am one that flows ….. I guess at 54, I have had my share of set in stone or more rigid goals & such. I set out to be the best I can now each day BUT I also have things I want to accomplish. For me, I know from my years that things change so I don’t want to get down on myself if things head in different direction – that path, less followed, may be the one for me! :-)

  4. says

    I love chia. I love chia pets. I think if Danielle’s cats ate chia, they might grow some hair. I’ll try to join the tweetchat, so that I can sing the ch-ch-ch-chia refrain.

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