Ambassador Spotlight: Scott Thomson

This week, Scott Thomson is in the Ambassador Spotlight. Scott’s blog is and you can find him on Twitter.

How do you define FitFluential?

This isn’t the first time I’ve come across this question.  The first time someone asked this to me, I had a hard time answering it.  Not because I didn’t know the answer but because of all of the POSSIBLE answers I came up with.

My first and immediate response was “FitFluential means that I’m healthy and fit” but that answer wasn’t quite what I was looking for.  I then thought of “I’m influential because I help people get healthy,” but again, it didn’t convey what I wanted to say.  I struggled long and hard with this question and to get the answer I wanted, I actually CHANGED the question a bit.  I changed the question from “define FitFluential” to “I’m FitFluential Because…” and what I got for an answer actually got me a bit emotional.

I am FitFluential because I know it’s not just about how many reps I can do or how much weight I can squat in the gym. I’m FitFluential because I know it’s not just about dieting 24/7 or starving myself.  I’m FitFluential because I know that it’s not about how far I can run or how many marathons I’ve done.  I am FitFluential because I know it’s about how I treat my mind and body. I’m FitFluential because I know that it’s about loving myself for who I am and what I know can do, every day.  I’m FitFluential because I know that I can inspire others and help people overcome the same things that I have overcome in my life.  I’m FitFluential because I have a great group of people to support me, good or bad, no matter what.  I’m FitFluential because I know you can have the same things that I have…

This is how I define FitFluential.

What is your main motivation to be fit?

I once lived a very, very unhealthy lifestyle.  I weighed somewhere between 265 and 275 lbs. I was inactive, I smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes a day, I drank 12 beers every night, I didn’t cook and I ate nothing but the worst kind of take-out food in mass quantities.  I was the epitome of someone who was on the fast track to a short life.

I never want to be that guy again.

FitFluential believes that the key to balance is Eat, Sleep, Move, Enjoy. What is your favorite way to Enjoy Life?

I love sports!  I play sports. I watch sports. I coach kids sports.  I eat and sleep sports.  They’re a huge part of my life. I strongly believe that I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for playing sports growing up.  I’m also a big outdoorsy person. I love to camp and hike and fish and hunt.  I also wrestle bears in my spare time.

What is your regular fitness routine?

I do a lot of everything. I need to mix up my workouts because I have a very short attention span.  I do kettlebell training, I’ve done crossfit, I do weight training, I do… OH SOMETHING SHINY… Did I mention I play a lot of sports too?

Seriously though, it’s good to keep changing your workouts regularly.  Your body is very smart and can adapt to a workout within 6 weeks.  So if you’re doing the same workout over and over again, you’re not going to progress the way you would if you’re constantly changing it up.

What advice do you have for someone at the beginning of their fitness journey?

Start.  It’s easy to put off something you don’t want to do until tomorrow and yes, it may be hard to start something that scares you, but it’s worth it, I promise!  Taking that first step and starting is the best decision I ever made.  My biggest recommendation is to seek out the help of a professional.  Gyms can be overwhelming and if you’re going in to something that you’re not familiar with and you’re unarmed, you may just end up disappointed and give up.  Personal trainers are a great investment, even if for only one session, and a great first step on your new fitness journey.

Bonus Question: Rumor has it (Adele reference intended) that you live way up north in Canada. (Like, WAY up there.) We would like to hear about one of the following: tundra, a yeti sighting, the northern lights or your proximity to Santa. Discuss.

First off, I have no idea who or what Adele is, so you’ve lost me already.  Secondly, there seems to be a misconception as to where I actually live.  Even though Santa is my homie and we’re working on a new fitness regime for the New Year, I do not live near or in the North Pole.  I live in a small Northern Canadian city called Yellowknife.  It has a population of about 18,000 and is known as a very transient city because of the turnover here due to the diamond mines.  Yes, that’s right ladies, I said diamond mines.

The summers are absolutely amazing here.  There are so many lakes to swim in and fish on, so much wilderness to explore, so many hiking trails to hike, and so much camping to be had that we’re lucky we get twenty-three hours of daylight to get it all done.  The downside is that in the winter the temperature drops to about -40C and we get only five hours of daylight which makes staying active a bit hard sometimes.  The key is to get involved in activities. I play a lot of winter sports, indoors of course, but I’m going to try snow shoeing for the first time and cross country ski for the first time since I was twelve.  Yes -40C is cold, but if you dress for it, it’s not so bad (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself).  We’re not quite the Tundra, we do have some trees, and I’ve yet to see the Abominable Snowman (but it’s why I’m going snow shoeing) and if you have the chance to see the Northern Lights, do so, because I can’t even begin to try and describe them here.

I think that about covers all of the rumors, time to make up some new ones.


  1. says

    Great post!

    I am entirely impressed with your progress – not just physically, but mentally. You took that horrible lifestyle you were living and completely turned yourself around. It’s AWESOME.

    Can you introduce me to Santa? I need to speak with him.

  2. says

    You look amazing and high-fives to living an active and healthy lifestyle! Great post and stay warm this holiday season. 5 hours of daylight? Oh my goodness…I’m a pansy when it comes to cold weather, so I would not fair well there. Merry Christmas!

  3. says

    Ok, you’ve got a new fan here! Love your story and love that you embrace the outdoors as your gym, even in those flippin’ ridiculously cold temps! Off to check out your blog.

  4. says

    OH my goodness! I can’ t imagine living somewhere with only 5 hours of daylight, I am a sunshine girl at heart. I don’t know how you do it! Also, I am with you on needing to switch up workouts. I suppose our short attention spans are a good thing since they force us to keep our bodies guessing!

  5. says

    As a lifetime Calgarian and fomer Northern BC’er, I get the -40… but you have such amazing looong summer days in Yellowknife. So much opportunity for outdoor fun.

    Love to see a Canadian boy make good and be acclaimed for it! Hail to You!

  6. says

    Wow, I feel ridiculous complaining about running outside here now. Changing into running clothes right now! Although I’m sure the short days are tough in the winter the long summer days would be awesome especially for squeezing in extra outdoor activities. Nice to “meet ” you!

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