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Must-Have Supplements

Sponsored by NOW Foods As a follow up to my Must-Have Dietary Ingredients blog post, I wanted to share several additional supplements, which have been instrumental in improving my health, wellness and athletic performance. As with all … [Read More...]

21 Healthy Superbowl snacks

21 Healthier Super Snacks for the Big Game

Follow Slim Sanity with Bloglovin'   Game Day Snacks Made Healthier Let's be honest. For most of us, the Super Bowl isn't about football. It's about the halftime show and the commercials. It's also an excuse to have a party and get … [Read More...]

pizza slider

Pizza Recipes Made Healthier

Pizza. Just the mention of it makes you hungry. Well, fellow pizza lovers, today is your day. We've rounded up the most drool-worthy pizza recipes for your viewing and cooking pleasure. Healthy or indulgent, savory or sweet, we've got 'em all so you … [Read More...]