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Full Body Sandbag Workout Video

Have you tried sandbag workouts yet? They're an amazingly effective way to build muscle with functional movements, as well as training you metabolically.  You can choose the size and weight of the … [Read More...]

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Real Food, Real Good Recipes for Memorial Day

Sponsored by NOW Foods, helping you #NOWGetFit. Memorial Day marks the kick off to summer entertaining, so make it all about healthier, real foods that are packed with nutrition and flavor.  We’ve got some crowd-pleasing inspiration for you, … [Read More...]

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Tropical Protein Granita

#TryAboutTime with the all new ProHydrate. Sponsored by About Time. Giveaway below. You may remember water ice or snow cones from the days of youth- I can't remember a summer without them. Block parties and neighborhood festivals just weren't … [Read More...]


HIIT Workout with Kettlebells

This post includes a complete Kettlebell HIIT workout, plus other sample cardio HIIT workout drills to try. High Intensity Interval Workouts are fast and efficient ways to maximize fat and calorie burn. You'll work harder,  but for a shorter amount … [Read More...]


5 Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

Sponsored by ZIG Portable Protein. #WhereDoYouZIG? Vacation season is upon us! Whether you're looking forward to sitting on the beach, strolling city streets, or planning a stay-cation in your own town, tis the season to enjoy time off and sunny … [Read More...]


20 Minute Full Body Workout Video

Hi guys! Thanks for stopping by. Today we're sharing a full body, 20 minute workout video from The Live Fit Girls. You can do this workout right in your own home, or pin it and take with you to the gym. Either way, you'll be targeting all the major … [Read More...]


4 Ways to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

Get 20% off and free shipping from #BowflexBody below. Sponsored by Bowflex. The most frustrating thing to happen in fitness is the plateau. The dreaded plateau, feared by most and experienced by all. At some point we all hit a wall where the pounds … [Read More...]