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beautiful skin from NOW Foods

Beautiful Skin From the Inside Out

Naturally Beautify Your Skin, Hair and Nails from the Inside-Out by Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, MA, RD   Thanks to NOW® for inviting me to contribute this post. While I was not compensated directly for this article, I do consulting for NOW … [Read More...]


Fitness Saved Me

Without hesitation, I can honestly say: Fitness saved my life. This simple, four word sentence will probably be misconstrued by many who read it. Critics will say that it's impossible for fitness to save someone's life because it’s not a person, … [Read More...]

pineapple protein ice cream

Pineapple Protein Ice Cream Recipe

We've never been to Disney - but I hear the Dole Whip at the Magic Kingdom is all the rage! If you're a fan of that light and tasty frozen treat, you'll love this recipe. It's sweet, full of flavor - and SO good for you.  A serving of fruit and a … [Read More...]

know your veggies

Know Your Veggies

  It's no secret that vegetables are great for you. They're basically the healthiest thing in the world, right? So what's the nutrition like? Ummm... what? We know veggies are good for us, but do we actually know our veggies? Knowing … [Read More...]

ff transformation caryn

FitFluential Transformation: Caryn McGlaughlin

Growing up I was always rather skinny, sometimes almost too skinny. As I grew up that ‘blessing’ seemed to have lessened as my metabolism changed, slowing down. I started gaining weight really easily. Then I had a baby, which even though brought … [Read More...]

sandbag workout

Full Body Sandbag Workout Video

Have you tried sandbag workouts yet? They're an amazingly effective way to build muscle with functional movements, as well as training you metabolically.  You can choose the size and weight of the sandbag that's right for you, and your current goals … [Read More...]