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No Excuses! Workouts you can do anywhere

NO EXCUSES Do-Anywhere Workout Roundup

Here's a fresh batch of workouts from the FitFluential Ambassadors. This week's theme is NO EXCUSES! Wherever you are, whatever is going on, squeeze out a little time this week to do something good for your body. You won't regret it. The holiday … [Read More...]


Clean Eating Essentials

So you've made the decision to start eating clean. Good for you! Good nutrition is such an important part of any healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and shelve the idea of clean eating before you even get started. There is … [Read More...]


Preventing Cold and Flu, Naturally

Gloves? Hat? Scarf? Check! It seems as though temperatures are rapidly falling and with the sudden drop in temps comes a sudden rise in respiratory illnesses. Cold and flu season is upon us, and while the first sign of a cold can send most of us … [Read More...]