10 Healthy Food Swaps

Sometimes, knowing just a few simple food swaps can make a big impact on both your health and energy. Here are my top 10 favorite food swaps that are both tasty and better for your … [Read More...]

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Turn up the Heat Cardio & Core Workout

Turn up the Heat Cardio & Core Workout

sponsored by Advanced Molecular Labs Ready to turn up the heat on your core? This HIIT workout from Steve Pfiester elevates your core training with five different core moves followed by lateral raises (so pull out those bands or other form of … [Read More...]


How to Find Your Best Running App

Nowadays, we use apps on our smartphones for just about everything we do; they can save time and make us more productive, they can give us access to information,  they can motivate and amuse us. These benefits can definitely be applied to running, so … [Read More...]