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14 Fresh Salsa Recipes

Collage Photo credit: Lexis Clean Kitchen, The Fit Fork, Food Faith Fitness, Food, Fitness & Family, Uproot from Oregon Move over casseroles, hot soups and chili. The thermometer has moved from freezing to fabulous and our palates have changed … [Read More...]

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The Nutritionist’s Review: Low Carb Diets

With so many diets out there (and new ones popping up all of the time), it's hard to know what works and what doesn't... what's healthy and what's not. No need to worry! I'm here to clear it up for you. This week we're tackling a commonly used diet: … [Read More...]

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Single Serving Healthy Desserts

The sweet tooth is strong with this one. Savory foods I can pass by - but when it comes to dessert, I'm a lost cause. I can't get enough of that sweet, sugary goodness. It's not good for me, I know - but you can't help who you love. And I love me … [Read More...]

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Vitamin Shoppe Fit Tip: Never Miss a Workout

 #FitHappens. We're partnering with Vitamin Shoppe to bring you fit tips that can help you make fit happen. Exercise makes you feel amazing. But sometimes, getting to the gym seems like more trouble than it's worth. For those days when you just … [Read More...]