Avocado egg toast recipe

Avocado Egg Toast Recipe

Sponsored by Eggland's Best See how #EBEggsFit into your healthy lifestyle! Avocado toast is all the rage right now. Just scan Instagram food photos to see a plethora of variations on this … [Read More...]

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August FitFluential Challenge: #FFHIIT

August FitFluential Challenge: #FFHIIT

Sponsored by PUMA. A new month is upon us... let's HIIT it! High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most popular forms of exercise right now, and for good reason. It's quick, effective, and fun! So this month, we are tackling 30 … [Read More...]

Sugar-Free Sweet & Salty Toffee Peanut Butter

Sugar-Free Sweet & Salty Toffee Peanut Butter

We all may have different styles, different ways to workout and different opinions on nutrition, but there's one thing that unites us. Peanut butter. Go anywhere the fitness world and you'll find peanut butter addicts left and right (myself … [Read More...]


Exercise for Stress Relief

Lets face it, we all experience feeling stressed out from time to time and in some cases more than we would like. We would not be human if stress wasn’t a part of our lives. I am here to tell you that you are the only one in control of how you … [Read More...]

Tomato Recipes

#MakeYourMove To Eat Fresh With Tomato Recipes

In 2015, we’ve partnered with Kohl’s for the #MakeYourMove campaign. We want to know how you plan to #MakeYourMove toward a healthier you. Julia Child once said "You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh … [Read More...]

Healthy Lunches

Healthy School Lunches

It's hard to believe that summer is already almost over, and before we know it, it'll be time to get the kids back to school. Back to those cafeteria lunches with over-steamed green beans and an unidentified mass of protein resembling some form of … [Read More...]